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    HeBi reacted to Peter_Munk in [2016.10.24] Warspear Online 6.2: Valdemar's Feast. Preview   
    Warriors of Arinar!

    The end of October is almost here and it means that Horror Circus, one of the main annual holidays, is coming to Arinar this week! You're already tired of waiting for it, aren't you?

    This year the Median Night Holiday will be celebrated on a remote island where everyone interested will be welcomed. Mysterious Valdemar and his servants have already prepared entertaining rides, ghastly Dungeons, evil bosses and great treasures! All details will be available on the day of the release, and now the Barker is going to tell something about new Horror Circus!
    I'm glad that it's enough space for everyone under my tent! Barker is at your service and I'm ready to answer all your questions about the Median Night Holiday. But, please, not all at once!

    "Where is, actually, Sam Hain?" Well, the thing is, Master was very upset about his previous failures and decided to rest and regain some strength. And let's not talk about it anymore...

    "What's going on with the Horror Circus, is it not coming?" Not at all! This year Horror Circus will welcome everyone on a remote island that belongs to Count Valdemar! The Count was very kind to organize the event and I can assure you that you won't be disappointed!

    "Who is this Valdemar?" You know, the Count doesn't like drawing too much attention to himself and the last time he was seen in public was about 200 to 300 years ago. But it is possible that he will make an exception for you!

    "Is it true that Valdemar was married six times and that all his wives mysteriously disappeared?" Hmm... Next question!

    "It is said that Valdemar is the most powerful vampire in Arinar, is that so?" No comments, next!

    "What do you know about the Judgement Night tractate and the prophesy mentioned there? It it true that it predicts the quick failure of all Valdemar's plans?" That's it! No more questions, see you in Horror Circus! I'm pretty sure that you won't forget this Median Night any time soon!
    New Dungeons

    The best treasures of the feast are carefully hidden on the island. Six difficult and complex Dungeons for players of all levels are ready to welcome everyone, but remember that only the most experienced ones will have a chance to succeed there!

    New bosses

    The new island is full of danger because it is also home for Valdemar's servants. Being skilful with magic, as well as physical weapons, they will cause a lot of troubles for all adventure seekers.


    A pleasant tradition of all feasts in Arinar is rides. Prepare your tickets if you have some of them left. And if not, don't worry! Fight monsters, complete quests or buy them from Second-Hand Dealer and receive Good luck tokens that can be exchanged for great rewards!

    The completely new rides are awaiting for everyone willing to participate. Get ready to use various means and fight crowds of monsters or even run away from them!

    Holiday quests

    The Horror Circus has prepared a chain of entertaining quests that won't ever let you get bored! You will have to visit the Valdemar's castle, reveal its secret, meet a pack of werewolves, learn about an old prophesy and save the whole Arinar!

    Moreover, there are also traditional and some new daily quests that will help you spending time during the whole Median Night Holiday. Prepare some spare slots in your bags because you'll surely get a lot of prizes!


    A welcoming owner of the holiday island turns out to be a cunning villain and his hospitality is nothing more but a horrible trap. His plans will be revealed and the punishment will be severe, but before facing Valdemar you'll have to survive a chain of dangerous fights. You'll need to start it yourself, but everyone will be able to participate in the battle that will consist of five stages. Crowds of mobs, powerful bosses and Valdemar himself - these are only some of difficulties to overcome. Brace yourself, follow the clues and the victory will be yours!

    That's all for now, see you in the game!
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    HeBi reacted to Zam in Guide vs. scamming, you need to know all this   
    As you play, you will come across scammers, thieves & liars. Beware of them or you will lose your account or gold. Do not trust them for even a second no matter what they say. Some might say, they work with Aigrind & such. All of it is LIES :diablo: :diablo: :diablo: :bomb:
    1. Website advertisers: They will tell you to go to website to get Free :pleasantry: Miracle coins. Or say stuff like "That website works, i tried"
     -Method of scamming: You go to the site and they tell you enter your Username & Password, or the site is infectd with a Keylogger(Records your keystrokes and sends it to them). Either way, they will have your login info and steal your account. Do not believe whatever they say & do not enter the site because if it has keylogger it will download itself into your device. No such thign as free miracle coins or gift codes exept when Aigrind gives them.
    2. Incomplete trades: As you know you have only 5 slots, which hold 10 of the same item each. So 50 of the same item. or 10 of any item per slot.
      -Method of scamming: You want to buy something for 70x [sign of imperishability], the guy tells you he will give it in second trade. So first you give him 50/70 of the Signs then when you try to give the other 20 & get your item in the second trade he refuses trade and ditches you, keeping the 50 signs you already gave him.
     -How to avoid: Only do multi-trade buying with trustworthy people, or pay in gold.
    3. Fake item: You get a fake item instead of the one you paid for.
      -Method of scamming& example: You make a deal with someone to buy [Guiding thread hood] for example for 50,000 gold(50k), then you open  trade screen with the guy. You put your 50k and he puts a worthless/cheaper item with the same icon instead of the item you paid for.
     -How to avoid: You can click on Links & Icons to see the item stats. So look at the item he puts up to check if it is the real item you want.
    4. Illusions: Item prices in the market
     -Method of scamming: An item which usually costs 1000 or 1,111. Some people put the price of this item 11,111 so it could seem like it is 1111.
      -How to avoid: Look at price properly. Btw, if you fall for it you can't put the blae on anyone because it is your own fault and people have the right to put whatever price they want. So Be careful. Same thing when trading, look at the gold you are being paid.
    5. Account recovery: One of the things you might be asked to do is tell the Aigrind support team details about your account so they would know it is really yours. Details include: Gear, Gold, Crimson corrundum(cc), Miracle coins, Xp, Level, Other characters on that account.
      -Method of scamming: The person asks you to link all your gear and asks you questions about your account and stuff. Although a person asking about your gear is not usually a thief, be careful. And don't answer if the person gets nosy, asking about everything & other characters.
      -How to avoid: Think before you answer, and beware of strangers(don't hate them, just be careful) ;)
    6. Bad reputation & Account trading: First off, trading/selling/buying accounts is against the rules and will get you banned.
     -Method of scamming: The guy offers to sell you his account for example 30k. You give him the gold and he gives you random letters and numbers not a real account. So, you just lost your money. Or you trade accounts with him, and his account is a bad person, with many crimes and scams in his record. So, you trade with him, he gets your safe account and you get his Soon to be banned account.
      -How to avoid: Don't trade/buy/sell accounts. Also, I repeat: against the rules. And here is a hint: Don't even mention the word "Account" with any of these: buy, sell, trade, money in the same sentence, because apparently that can get you banned aswell :bad: :facepalm:

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    HeBi reacted to Urscrewed in Unrespectful, unacceptable   
    A good way for devs to stop this kind of behavior would be to create a system of where if you get kicked out of a guild, the guild points that you contribute to that guilds place in a tournament would be lost,
    say  one member does 10k gp after a week but gets kicked in the last hour, the guilds points in tournament would decrease from say 500k to 490k because they kicked that contributor, not only would this allow people to become more loyal but it would also allow tyrants to stop abusing their powers.
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    HeBi reacted to Omercix in OMERCIX SOLO SPAWN   
    Yesterday I killed Spawn Boss solo , I did not hear about someone soloed Spawn Boss before, probably this was the first  Here is the video :

    I shortened video because it was too long , I hope u enjoy  
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    HeBi reacted to Moonfart in [2016.04.11] Week of Spring Galore: more rewards and the rarest costume to get!   
    Since its up to the (cough cough) LUCK, why not make a Luck Potion which increases the chances on drops! Or a buff on higher ranked guilds, because lets call a duck a duck, its pay to win, OR make dgs free to run but make them more difficult with a higher drop rate. Just a thought
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    HeBi reacted to noobdruid in THE BEST PRIEST IN EU?   
    whoever gets  the best priest title, do pvp me once
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    HeBi reacted to spek_kam_px in [2016.03.17] Game servers restart. Day of fix   
    Guys, how to complete ach - "lovelanes" where need 200 effects???? :/
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    HeBi reacted to Kaleidoscope in People to avoid from   
    at least ws would get that neat family-like atmosphere.
    Just a few peeps and everyone knows everyone
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    HeBi reacted to mailliwdxb in TspFighters just doing our thing :p   
    Today was the first time the dungeon at nadir under the difficulty easy was done by a couple of tsp members and i repeat...for the first time by a pure level 14 party
    Our first go fumbled (but we did make it) a bit since it was the first time for several of our party members which included me(reflect),yushiko,communism,jassmin,idrinkpee*bleh*
    Our second go was much better with a 2 stam with only 2 cassualities and the party members were me,communism,jassmin,iloveblunts,bucks
    Even though we got complete bull crap in the end and was mostly just a waste of durability it was a fun experience overall
    Jassmin's pov

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