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  1. ;D :aggressive: well the name coldeyes isn't here :/ why? He is good too. Well he doesn't do pvp or arena though.
  2. Lucifer12

    Level 5 tear

    :) How much damage does a level 5 tear do?
  3. Buy a +8 Twisted charge or Dazzling Baton. Or trade with signs. Max 75k. Price negotiable. Eu elf side.
  4. Ab EU mai koun koun bacha hai ? Mujhe samil hona hai ek indian guild par. Ek priest hai mera.
  5. lol the 'worldpower' skill made my day today!! :lol: And for skill build heres my opinion. Go for 3 harad since u will attack for sure. 2 word power its enough for mana drain. use it two times and there you go. the opponent has no mana left. 3 armistice if u love to fight two players at the same time. well u will be attacked 2*1 or 3*1 so dont worry. 4 sheild and 5 heal. :friends: sorry for the rough english using a cell.
  6. Thanks a lot. Well I will still go for that combination. With enchants I will get a max critical of 21.3% not half bad. Thanks anyways.
  7. So I have been making a priest for Pvp for the last few weeks. Its currently level 14. So heres the question. If I use the radiant fame boots and gloves, will I get the last critical bonus? Or do I have to use the head and shoes combination to get the last critical bonus? :fool:
  8. The cool down attribute is only for the priests or druids. Mages staff always have penetration.
  9. Mages are becoming a rare class.. Not to be seen any around. Its a op class. Still not much make it because of chosens hardness. So show ur amped up mage here with a pic :D
  10. Well i m goin for 4 fireball 1time warp 4 stone 4 chains 4 sun xD
  11. superb.. Dont know but mage is the first class i chose in Ws .. Just a final question level 4 and level 5 skill, how much of a difference is there?
  12. Hi all :D Just wanted to know who sell invisible ink in eu elfs side. And its cost. Thank u. Btw my chars name jplucifer bd 19 level xD
  13. Lucifer12

    Hi!! :D

    Hello there!! ;D Just started playing this game three weeks ago. :drinks: Getting a hold of it now. Well the currencies are pretty hard to get in this game.. I am talking about big amounts. Crimson Corrundum especially xD
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