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  1. Lucifer12

    Magic def

    You mean only the accessories def works and not the m def runes?
  2. Lucifer12

    Magic def

    :facepalm: I have 27.1% m def. With level 1 sun sheild it increases to 29%. Thats an increase of 1.9%. Pretty useless I did say.
  3. Lucifer12

    Magic def

    A mage has 30% magic def. With level 5 sun sheild how much def will he get in percent?
  4. Funny topic lol. Anyways I was thinking of making a warlock. I just liked its bloody tribute skill. Pretty well done. So here's what i thought about the skill build. Please enlighten me if its not good. Arrow - 4 Life steal - 4 Puddle - 1 Fear - 3 Dark Circle - 3 Bloody Tribute - 3 Thanks in advance. ::)
  5. :lol: Should i post mine when i killed calaseller.
  6. I have health 2902. I use only one gt i.e hands. And now when i use 2 gt hand and boots i get an hp of 3141. Which means i only get one 239 bonus hp and not 2(239+239).. Do i have to use head and boots to get 239 + 239 hp ? And not hand and boots?
  7. How about Ground spike. Where spikes comes out from the ground and deals physical damage. Aoe.
  8. Because of this i accidentally sold my 30k amulet at the npc shop. :facepalm:
  9. Demo suit in this server worth 1.5m to 2m. Its hp is its price lol..
  10. :lol: I wont say it always happens. But, it happens usually.
  11. Lucifer12

    Happy Easter!

    Thanks and same to you.
  12. Lucifer12


    :facepalm: Haters who hate us shouts scammer this, scammer that in worldchat. Someone do something about that. Lol..
  13. :clapping: Luna nice name. I like the dog. Well my mage's name is Lunnawolf :P and to be precise be quick in your return.
  14. :rofl: Looks like the aliens from the movie Predators to me.
  15. :tease: Lendarios is there too. And Sceptical, Archflet, Yakuzaah.
  16. I was one. 14 level arena priest. What do you want to ask? There are others too. Specially the Fukdurmum guild.. xD
  17. A priest is the best for 1 vs 1 in my opinion. mana drain, armistice, sheild, healing abilities everthing is great about a priest.
  18. I use 2 vs and rest arena. Witha critical of 21.1%
  19. Lucifer12

    valor aura

    :rofl: Try this combination in arena. Valor aura + Pala aura + go with a mage. U r unbearable.
  20. Lucifer12

    valor aura

    :facepalm: Well dont know what the devs did. But the critical is mostly usual now. Its good. And I used to heal 518 with 211 magic power level 5 heal. Now after the update I heal 558. Just wow. How did it increase? Magic power is still 211. A bit of offtopic sorry. Valor aura doesnt look good though.
  21. Well i guess no one understood your question just like me. Can you elaborate more?
  22. Well i have seen u pvp. Its good with 5 tears. But i think for safe keepings i m going for 4 tears and 4 sheild. 5 heal. 2 word and armistice. And u have the perfect timing to use word. I don't know how. Can you read minds ? Lol.
  23. Thanks. But i usually do pvp a lot not farming.
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