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  1. That's stupid. Who even makes a priest for farming. Anyway can u read the skills properly? Go for valor aura without thinking. Redemption is for heal aoe effect. - one of a kind. Or u can go for the other skill forgot name. The skill when put on an enemy lose health while moving. Its the best.
  2. I already quit. Its even useless to visit the mage section. Different player playing it.
  3. I once went with a pt in normal berengar. Got an ethereal catalyst and the ranger in my pt got gt vestment. I hink we both were lucky that day.
  4. Cry how much you want to cry about mages. Game developers wont change it. And yeah I guess its better to invest in a rogue or BD. Playing other chars except mages is always a good choice.
  5. Being in love was never a question untill I met your mother. will u forgive me for the above joke?
  6. I dont know if I m going off topic or whatever they say. I just quit as a mage. I will make a rogue and tear my way out. Thats it. Mages wont and will never get a stun like fear. And I hate the game of probabilities. If shatters stun doesnt work at lvl 1, its useless to put skill points on that skill. Even at lvl 5 most of the time no stun. I will be back when devs gives the mages a perfect stun like fear. Thanks to all those guys who helped me out.
  7. What logical reason are you reffering to? I wanna know.
  8. Lucifer12

    us vs eu.

    I dont get why US people says EU noob or anything like that. Leave aside that, now differentiate US and EU.
  9. Because they just love pure damage? Did any person ever annoy you so much that you said you love him/her? P.s. Which gender are you?
  10. Priest doesn't require any stun.
  11. Leaving eu-emerald forever. Is anything new in US for me? I have started making a warlock. Do tell me. Hope to make a lot of friends.
  12. Just need a good name for a warlock. Thanks in advance.
  13. You know what they will nerf this skill (if they make one like this) so much that u can only deal 200 damage max.. Zzzz
  14. ;D Takes one damage from the following attacks completely. Wow. I dont remember mage stopping time and seeing what attack will it be? A normal one or a critical one.
  15. Hope this one will help u laugh. Some player commented it. I just copied. Hehe. After level 20 what we should do? Read this - Get scammed, scam other people, avoid a ban, kill the swamp slug using only level 1 max amped gear (amplify only with spheres), drink beer, collect one hundred million gold and give it to a random level 1 player, invade the whole Arinar on your own, use revive scroll 1 500 times in enemy t1, block stairs (with a Legion hero), block bandit ridge (with a Sentinel hero) when Vistain knows the relic location, block Ghost village, win AoA (only in EU), complete tower heroic alone, collect one million cc and [don't know the word in english], get all costumes, eat sauced chicken legs, stand on a road and scare away a partyful of level 20s just by standing there, take hostages, strip in enemy caravan and survive, flashmob in Nadir-sard, help people with minibosses, win an arena tournament, learn a foreign language with WarSpear (change your interface language into Russian or Portuguese),...
  16. Yeah theres another shaman named Darkwild. I dont know who he is or what kind of mentality he has. Even if he Is totally crack. He has fun in his own way by killing anyone at the cave randomly.
  17. Well in this world everyone has a point. Like some will say its none of your business who gets killed and who gets ganked. Dont butt in. And some will say just the thing you said. For me if I see some fun part I join. Nobody cares. So why not have some fun instead.
  18. Mcs love you to such an extent that they cant express themselves. Btw cheers.
  19. Oh so it would be a complete waste. Such a tricky one here.
  20. I never bought one so I dont know how it works. I mean I will get 10 stamina if I buy one right? After I used it up will it refill back to 10? And will its parameters be none after using ?
  21. :facepalm: .... Etc..etc.. Some lvl 20 mages which i have seen till date are-- Travisious, Meteorcel, Rosepetal, Animagic, Nehtta, Neoshero, Jatsr(Sunstream), Gotenx, Godgy, Tsundere, Misstaken and a few others. Mages are countable in nature. But respectfully jatsr is the best. Till date. No more.
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