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  1. hi guys i'm found someone on facebook his name snorlax he acting like he's the really snorlax and sending messages saying u got m.coins coz u awesome bla bla player then he asking u about ur account and password so please be ware and don't give him ur account
  2. Interesting ;D i liked it and waiting Ayvondil and i hope u making new lvls for us to lvl25 maybe :good: and crafting items also not just weapons :give_rose:
  3. ok let me saying thanx devs first for helping my friends and idk how it happened but i think its stealing some files (C:/Data > warspear ) by spy programs actually im used to fixing my warspear game in my nokia phone by deleting this file if my game didn't work so i lose my log in and i have to log in again after instilling it so thats mean that (Data/warspear) have ur account im didn't tried to moving it to another phone but i just can guess that and there is many programs for spying and hacking like (data program) it instilling itself lonely on ur phone and stealing ur picture and numbers ...etc but im sure that was hack coz they 3 different persons at same week and they knowing the rule of sharing or selling accounts .... and thanks again
  4. nothing impossible !! hackers can stealing banks lol and u saying impossible to game??? and my friends didn't sharing them accounts they 3 not 1 to saying like this thing 3 players got hacked i think there r something wrong with ur system devs or little security or they found new way again please block those accounts !! becoz that motherducker using it and i think he will deleting it soon just block it then do what u want.....
  5. don't u think bd skill should cooldown late now when u pvping a bd he can using his new skill twice in battle it cooldown faster and bd already has stun skill so 2 stun skills is too op and his dmg and def that first skill hamstring taking from ur hp now even high amp from rogue class could losing to low amp coz this new skill and hamstring skill u even can't doing many moves and it breaking ur stealth u have to checking it pls
  6. devssssssssssss many players getting hack earlier in game my 3 friends got hack until now what happening? please check ur system or do something and reply our tickets to u my friend sent 2 tickets to support since 4 days and no reply and the hacker deleted his character and u never replying
  7. i won't using arabic server coz arab always fighting ducking noobs :bad:
  8. i hope u fixing Iraq payment SMS we need it now so much :facepalm:
  9. yaaaaaaaaa this what we calling it update ;D ;D :yahoo: :yahoo:
  10. yea and devs should changing it as they changed warlock skill and i think its too op coz two stun skills and rogues have less hp and less def against that skills and def we can't winning anymore u can win against warlock now and them dark circle is bad now but this skill catching u and it fast cooldown that making bad use it twice against us and hamstring we cant using our skills only 1 time :/
  11. hey dont u think that bds skill too op? it doing 3 things at same time stun and pulling players attack and running and bd already have stun skill !! so he just stun u then stun u then stun u then stun u and then u licking the floor even u cant using ur skills and bds have more hp bonus and attack bonus and two stuns skills devs r really crazy ppl making that class too op i even losing to low amp coz that stuns skills this really worst update ever and devs making the game more worst day by day even that skill can stunning many players at same place its like impossible to pvping bds now :bad: sharing me ur opinion about this
  12. devs why u don't replying :bad: i need the reason for blocking my account??? why my account blocked just tell me
  13. there is no reason anymore im just not using it for 3 months i have my warlock lvl20 on it that just bullshit
  14. they not replying through support email and who will using it are u crazy -__-? it blocked and i only have it info
  15. ;D ;D this guy not my friend but i like annoying u :tease:
  16. hi devs i have an old account i think since 3 month not using it at have my lvl20 warlock alonetstar why it blocked for no reason? im using my email on [email protected] please reply me fast as u can i just wanna knowing ur reason :wacko:
  17. awwwww :3 so sweets ;D but u have to be banned why u put animals pictures here :diablo: ask ur mod friend lmao he knows rules of forum :3 ;D ;D
  18. hrhrhrhrhrhr ;D best thieves ever :shok:
  19. happy birthday :give_rose: even if late ;D
  20. i liked the old man the most :blush: ;D the way how he opening his mouth xD just funny
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