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  1. His absolute repeated failure to understand the question, and stubborn refusal to give up with the same flawed answers is what makes him stupid. Karma means nothing, its a forum, you can farm karma like hide on a boar. No, no i would not, not even close. I love the art style, but its most 'unique' features are detrimental (5 skills for a class...very 'unique'). Its actually not generic ENOUGH, i would of loved Orcs or Dwarves, but a SECOND race of humans ? That does not make it unique ! And trying to be unique does not make a game great, either.
  2. Given that your "answers" were completely irrelevant to the question and your attitude was that of a classic jackass, maybe you should not be someone to 'guide' new players? Especially when a question does not concern playing the game at all.
  3. Yeah, they are, they just have a different skin color. This game was not going for 'original' by any stretch of the wildest imaginings of the most crazed 'nomad'. They could literally create their own races if they wanted to do that, hell they could of changed the sides, make the human and undead fight the elves and barbarians, who share a love and respect for nature, while the holy humans and dreadful undead keep a balance between light and dark (not all undead are super evil, WoW and HoMM do that well)
  4. So NOW its a stupid question? Why wasnt it a stupid question the first time? Are you just being a poutty retaliating child? Yes. You came here to fail at answering a question you misunderstood TWICE, laughably so. Move along kid (and dont say you arnt a kid, that will only hurt your dignity more.)
  5. I clearly said that only a dev would probably have the correct answer so you've only given two incorrect ones now. "We dont have Orcs because this isnt WoW" High post counts dont make stupid posts not stupid.
  6. Suck it Elves, not the 'first born' anymore
  7. This is a question probably only a dev could answer... Why is it in a high fantasy game you have humans, elves, undead, and then more humans? 'Mountain Clan' SCREAMS 'dwarf', and Orcs would make much more sense as barbarians and shamans, and allies of the undead.. It has nothing to do with being different either, you already went for classic, so why a second race of humans ?
  8. Khor


    Leveling chop is pointless anyways, you use it for the flinch not the damage. Poor design all around.
  9. Khor


    Bullshit. 15% over 5 seconds? A single evade could cause more damage negation. Even 5v5 if you roar all 5 you are negating a couple full hits, that could be completely negated by RNG anyways. waste of 5 points and skill slot.
  10. Khor


    Yet no barb in top arena... all elves wow so many archers... 1 paladin too.. starting Mace > starting axe for some reason. Stronger DMG skill and better stun... who levels chop?? X.x
  11. I just hit level 7 and got a new weapon from merchant, wondering if I should bother upgrading it at all or if its a waste. I got a few MC for runes/crystals and a couple amplification things. But first I wanna understand the basics of crafting. Like, what is the actual failure rate per bonus ? It just gives a vague guess instead of useful information. Whats the difference between the runes/crystals/amps? Amps seem to + it, but runes and crystals are different? and have a chance to give bonuses when its amped? Right now I have it in my mind that I should rune/crystal an item at +0 before amping it at all
  12. The guild website was terminated so im asking here, whats the requirement to join ?Is it still active ? Wow so few barbarians >
  13. So good to use, useless to level. Another trap skill is what it is.
  14. Khor


    That sounds truly terrible. Not only am I sacrificing energy and a rotation to use the skill, but im not even protecting myself from an equivelant amount of damage... They'll probably hit only 2-3 times in that 5 seconds so maybe 30-45% damage of a single hit I am saved, and in return I waste 100% damage potential in the same time... Even with multiple people it feels like a waste of points. No wonder they don't give detailed skill descriptions, they want people to waste points on useless stuff and buy books to fix it. They give you a defective product free and sell you the repair.. Should buff attack damage for allies, not debuff enemies, this is a BARBARIAN, an offense class ! You give elves a bow, cant you figure out to give the barbarian his due ???
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