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  1. The player who pay gold when the leader is offline will be displayed when you log on leaders (there are still problems through this that players pretend they paid in gold to the treasury in the absence of leaders) Information about deposit gold as information to the guild to see:
  2. Druid and Priest is necessary party and the majority rejects the struggle to re-fight alone
  3. I hope that when I reach 24poziom will be updated with new skills
  4. ciekawy update ciekawe kiedy pojawi się nowy ekspert skill na slota 24lvl
  5. KeYse

    Guild PET

    Mascot guild that helps strengthen the characters when they go in a group of 5 persons By not slept need to feed
  6. teraz tak tanio a kiedyś kupowałem za 380k
  7. dopiero zauważyłem tego posta - brawo 2 graczy całego dunga
  8. Ile ta broń jest warta po elfiej stronie? czy jest używana?
  9. KeYse

    Priest Skill

    Creates a shield that causes minor damage to those who hit the priest, and the chance of rejection of the player who hit the priest
  10. - You can only once in 30days to change your e-mail address (prevent it from theft character!) After rewriting the character name to delete the character - > You must wait 7 days and automatically deletes this character! (It's a chance to undo this operation if the thief will perform this process will do)
  11. przynosi hańbę mojemu imieniu
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