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  1. Rangers ;D because now crafted weapons have skill cooldown, with 2 attack skills now a ranger with 3/5 trap and 3/5 scatter can handle melee units/players easy, now rangers needs to have good energy regen too, with balance of penetration,speed,accuracy and critical hit.
  2. Hi everyone, I am currently at craft level7 I basically leveled up by doing 10min jobs selling craft items to recover gold for craft license. feel free to share about your craft levels and how you achieved it ;D and I am actually making profit using craft ;)
  3. Red crown bosses takes 10min approx to respawn ;D
  4. Yeah it started working !!! :clapping: Thanks for info ;D
  5. Same problem I cant login from PC it says, update your version!!!!! I download and reinstalled it 3 times now!! :diablo:
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