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    There is nothing to show, it's a open book out there, you can go and just check which all weapons can be crafted at different craft levels
  2. And one more thing if ur against melee units, if ur trap skill is strong, u can trap them for 5 sec, scatter 3-5 yards, cage him lot of options against melee, just stay behind traps , by the time melee unit recovers put a trap again, n he is history So I would say losing 2-3% accuracy is not a big deal, unless ur in ranger vs ranger/ ranger vs rogue situation. Healers are neway slow
  3. So true Full KW rangers die fast very fast mostly coz of low resilience, low hp, (low dodge too coz player using kw end up in enchanting hp into rings). They are very susceptible to critical hits and rarely dodge a hit. In arena longer the ranger survives more dangerous he becomes I will go for survivility first
  4. Ok I have lvl3 trap, u can lay 2 traps at level 3, each trap stays for 20sec and can hold an enemy for 5.5seconds approx. At level 2 u can lay 1 trap which lasts like 14-15sec approx and traps for 4-5 sec(not sure here but its obviously more than lvl1 ), I have read lvl5 allows you to lay 3 traps which implies each trap stays for 30sec, duration I think will be same or little higher then lvl3 traps. LOL you can just lay traps around at lvl5 and keep doing ur quests, u will catch the birds (rogues) easy Hope that was useful
  5. haha correct make ur own game
  6. Hmm maybe we can have some kind of cooldown timer, say 10min, only after that the control point can be recaptured. Also a capture point under siege should have it's respawn statue disabled. In 2nd big war in US-Sapphire, sentinels were not able to capture mc t5 because all mcs were camping in the same town, once they die, they respawn in the same town = ULTIMATE DEFENSE , if they continue with this we are going to see a lot of 0-0 / Stalemate
  7. Recapturing control point should be there, hope devs add this in future, will be a lot of fun
  8. Secret link and new expert skill - Invigorating Stream can be used on others only, that too secret link needs druid to be in party and new expert skill does not heal druid himself/herself too. So in pvp and pve these skills are useless. Also in arena target for druid if ur so against link haha exterminate the root cause, the druid
  9. Secret Link already Nerfed :! during halloween time it would heal 2k per tick at level 4/4, if difference between ur hp and target hp is around 3k Now at 4/4 u heal only approximately the (difference between hp)/2 per tick - go check. If you use properly can get 1k+ per tick Number ber ticks according to Secret Link level 1/4 - 5ticks 2/4 - 4ticks 3/4 - 3ticks 4/4 - 2ticks
  10. What happened to autoparty for arena. After 2kb update the feature is missing.
  11. So true lliilillil , ppl dont invite lvl15 for easy/normal (US server). Only on very rare occasions when high levels wants to waste there stamina they inv lvl15s to party, otherwise lvl15s will call for inv but no one will invite them, I feel very bad about this
  12. MC Killed first all elves busy with there questing :crazy:
  13. Downloaded camstudio for pc will be recording one of the epic wars in WS history!!! EXCITED :yahoo: 8)
  14. Sorry I killed you five times Demonologist will miss you :'( !!! Loved when u chased me when I was on AA hunt, I loved when I rooted mcs near you and u saved me from them!!! :'( :'( :'( :'(
  15. READY for a big war at AA ;D someone make video It will be epic!!!!!
  16. Download 3.13.3 version for pc!!! its 29.05 MB, earlier version was 29.06 MB ;D , it will solve the problem I think, worked for me!!
  17. Warspear 3.13.3 version for PC available now check!! ;D
  18. ;D I never seen any boss dropping gears at map1
  19. 1hour+ cannot login :facepalm:
  20. Check in support section many people facing same problems http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=107339.15
  21. I want to add few points for newbies 1. Make friends at first maps do quests together, it will be very easy. Try get into party with someone with same set of quests. 2. Do not waste gold on amplifications at startup unless you are building a character for arena only, save it for 2nd map. I see many newbies calling on world chat that they need gold, lost weapons etc. 3. Try chatting with some nice experienced guy, he/she can give you more knowledge and experience than a guide ;D (no offense Fantasy). 4. Try not getting killed by mobs or creatures around the map, because equipments get damaged more, know when to run!!! :P
  22. OS - Windows 7 starter, PLATFORM - Laptop Deleted all temporary files. windowkey+R -> %temp% -> deleted everything still not working :(
  23. Not working its been more than 15minutes!! It never happened before just today for first time in my warspear career 8)
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