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  1. actually he said a good party can kill it (by good he means high amped n smart)


    and r0land is right, 1party can kill it u just need to time ur attacks correctly, teamwork and kill what it needs to be killed, sometimes the best defence is an offence OwO


    We tried and failed yesterday. :D so more trying?

  2. Our team is rock solid, but there too many details here after the real server starts.

    Don't forget about kilometres of code written on our servers, far we go, more difficult it become.

    We're not Blizzard after all, but we're doing our best.


    Ya I can understand, anyway all the best.


    But some problems that we see are in old items and old features. May be framework can be made more robust such that older/previous features remains intact

  3. Your rules of conduct mentions this - "The propaganda of violence and discrimination on racial, ethnic, religious and other grounds is forbidden as well as spreading information that violates the laws of the Russian Federation or the moral and ethical standards."


    Do you that this seriously, I see in game many players passing racist comments, especially on muslims, and what do you do about it nothing? These guys in game have no fear or anything they just like these acts of racism.


    Is that someone has to come up with some proofs to show what's happening in game?


  4. lol both secret link and invigorating stream cannot be used by druid on self, so heal wise druid still got only one skill when solo, the pushback effect was nice, I think it should be brought back, as it would give a defensive skill when going solo.



  5. I wish I had stayed in EU-Emerald. All players on Sapphire are like snipedown, they think damage is the only thing that matters on the game.


    skill is more important now as u inferred :), amp + skill is a deadly combination which few rangers do have in US-Sapphire.


    I think Instead of complaining about skills one should just think about a good strategy to counter the problem in hand i.e. how to get the other guy fall to ground before you do :P :D

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