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    Trizzz got a reaction from Metamorphine in Whats the best magic class?   
    Yes necro is my main thats why I know how to play it. Sure, average player can play necro; effectivelly? Not everyone.
    The only thing I can agree with you is that this argue does not have sense. You call my opinion based only on necro playing, as I see you have opinion based only on shaman playing because you definitelly played necro wrong way.
    That's why explaining you everything "is a waste" you just want to show necro is useless class. Bu it's actually not.
    Ehh you just read without even thinking what I wanted to say.
    Do you really think I would use poison spittle +2x deathly eye + expert skill with every ocasion without even thinking of that. How retarded you need to be then?
    I just said it is effective while you CAN use that.
    Btw add that area dmg from you teammates dmg. If you will kill 2 ppl with 2,5k hp each one in 10 secs (which is easy for example with 2x rogue) the other 3 enemies get 750 dmg each and also they basically can't move because of many dmg received. (due all duration of skill)
    You made me laugh again if you think I use this combo without even teammates.
    lvl 3 shaman exper skill does more dmg than lvl 3 necro? If shaman is 1vmore ppl and necro too, yes it's better. But if u have teammates you can do more dmg with necro expert skill + use it more often.
    If you really think shaman expert skill make more dmg at 5v5 etc ya it should be end of our "discusion"
    Blessed gamer? Nope, I just try to show ppl a little different way to use necro. Unfortunetly ppl think like you. "necro is shit cuz he lost hp while heal&shield, noob expert skill - i can't just put shield and run; I need to place it at all enemies (which is not that easy btw)"
    I didn't say necro is the best, but also it's not that useless as u think.
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    Trizzz got a reaction from Metamorphine in Whats the best magic class?   
    Shaman is not better than necro, it's just easier to play that's why you think it's better - as a shaman you just put heal on yourself and that's all, on necro it's harder but more effective.
    Necro have only one stun but you can't attack while you "sleep" that's why it's better.
    You don't need to dmg your enemies while they "sleep", you can put shield, heal yourself and put 2x deathly eye.
    Actually necro have aoe and believe me it's not less effective then shaman's aoe. Mostly you play 5v5 (arena, dungeon, lab, even for solo hunting it's good), but if u compare all skills only to 1v1, you shouldn't play mmorpg.
    Necro have 3 dmg skills, poison spittle, effect from 2x deathly eye and expert skill. You know you can use expert skill then 2x deathly eye and then poison spittle (it's very good dmging combo to hit more than 1 enemy)
    Yes necro skills cost some % of your max hp, but necro is strong enough to don't look at it (if u have chose your gear right) and it's not really a big deal to complain about it.
    "Shaman expert skill > necro expert skill"
    Oh really?
    Shaman skill is just for one person, low % to get hit from this, necro have skill which can affect on large groups of enemies, with high 100% rate and high percentage at lvl 3. It's awesome in 5v5, dungeons, lab + wars. If u don't understand skill, that doesn't mean it's useless.
    "On norlant swamps, people respect shamans but dont respect necro. Even if it is 2v1 they will think twice before attacking a shaman on kotaravva."
    This actually made me laugh :lol:
    "Most people saying necro is better are narrow minded people like trizzz who doesnt even played other chars."

    Most people saying necro is better because they feel that it's better for them. If you just don't understand necro --> sure just play shaman. But it doesn't mean necro is weaker.
    Btw you don't know which classes I've played don't judge me too quickly.
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    Trizzz got a reaction from homaru in [2015.03.30] Preview: Warspear Online update 4.9. One on one   
    Actually there wasn't any buff of necro from a long time and probably duration of the mental pit will be same as lvl 1 on every lvls, so it's not so op. So keep calm guys, necro is NOT the best class.
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    Trizzz got a reaction from jayrox in Thank you for your support: WIN 50k!   
    Are u kind of retarded? Saying that nobody cares isn't an oppinion it's just random flaming without any reason.
      Someone have really sad life here.   @topic Good job jarox, it's really good that actually someone is making warspear videos. Keep it up!
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    Trizzz got a reaction from MCocktail in Give arena prizes to top 3   
    Actually it should be; 
    top 2 get reward on 2v2
    top 3 get reward on 3v3
    top 5 get reward on 5v5
    this would be just fair
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    Trizzz got a reaction from nabnecro in Give arena prizes to top 3   
    Actually it should be; 
    top 2 get reward on 2v2
    top 3 get reward on 3v3
    top 5 get reward on 5v5
    this would be just fair
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    Trizzz reacted to Ladygi in Applications for moderator positions   
    1. Nickname on forum, link to your profile
    A: Ladygi
    2. Name
    A: Giovanna Olio.
    3. Age
    A: 21 years old.
    4. Country
    A: Brazil.
    5. Education
    A: Finished high school at a German school. Can speak 4 different languages. Two international diplomas in German and Spanish; 1 national diploma in English.
    6. Did you ever work with game communities?
    A: Just with guilds/clans.
    7. Forum administration/moderation experience
    A: No.
    8. When are you visiting forum?
    A: Everyday, between 1pm and 10pm (GMT -2)
    9. In your opinion, what's moderator's job all about?
    A: OR-GA-NI-ZE 
    Maintain order and respectful atmosphere, make sure forum users are following rules, help and guide members.
    10. What kind of events for the forum could you suggest to increase users/guest's interest?
    A: Bring back the miracle coins gift codes. Even if it is 100 mc. This would help to encourage people to behave and help others, plenty of people would come just for it. And let people know about it.
    11. What kind of forum contest/competitions can light up forum?
    A: Best monster creation, Best quest storyline, more contests like "I play warspear"
    12. Why are you applying to this position?
    A: OCD. Also because I really like to help people. You guys are too busy with updates and sometimes the english forum seems to be neglected. I'd love to be part of the changes :)
    13. What forum section would you like to take care on?
    A: Guides, New Players, Name change topic, Questions and Answers.
    14. Do you have Skype account?
    A: Yup.
    15. Game realm, nickname, guild
    A: US-Sapphire, Caliptra, Vortex
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