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  1. wtf you just wrote? Warlock and mage are ♥♥♥♥ed - that's for sure; but u said all magic type so: They increased your dmg - you don't see it? Before update u need to go full heal, full dmg or some kind of mix. Now u have full dmg and full heal. (if you are not amped +3 ofc) Actually full amped can dmg for 400+ and only few people have so much magic def to let them hit themselves for like ~150-200. Its mmo, so u can't complain about only dmg (btw support class like necro, shaman etc which should hit low) u have incredible heal now. Example: if u are necro - semi amped like +8, rang
  2. Ja tylko mówie, że to jest możliwe. Jeżeli reportujesz kogoś z tekstem: "omg omg ban him he said im noob!!11" to nie licz na to że coś z tym zrobią. No ale jak ładnie to napiszesz, podasz dowody, trochę się przy tym zakręcisz to wszystko da się załatwić.
  3. Oczywiście, że można dostać blocka/bana etc. to że nikt nigdy nie reportuje graczy to już inna sprawa, ale na upartego dałoby się załatwić komuś bana, jeżeli bardzo konkretnie by cię obraził - szczególnie religie, rodzine itp. Regulamin dyktuje to co wolno, a czego nie wolno - nie to czy Ci się coś wydaje czy nie.
  4. Trizzz


    Like in every game it's easy to earn gold if you are smart. But 100g is nothing for a lvl 18 player if u want to know :) But u can find a lot of people who help low lvl players for a small amount of gold (100-200) just to cover their costs (repair scrolls)
  5. - This is kind of game where u play when u are already hit max lvl. This is called end game. Getting experience system is ok, so monsters shouldn't give experience. If u want to play mmo with unlimited amount of lvl go play another game. - You have now easy obtained gear; arena gear and hard one; lab gear (gt/dd/he/kw etc.). But you are right with one thing: crimson gear and all crimson should be reworked with few aspects. - Rewards for the all daily quests are equal to the difficulty lvl of this quest. If u want good rewards - it's time to learn how to make swamp quests.
  6. Dokładnie jedyne co daje to trochę lepsze staty i więcej magic defa.
  7. They won't fix this "bug" or even help you because it's your own fault. It's not bug; in fact it's just smart way to scam but very easy to counter. Just look what items and how many gold someone offer you. Don't trust people who pay 1111 instead of 1000 - it's obviously scam. As well as you see low lvl player especialy without weapon and gear want to buy your high valuable item (doom, rare costume etc) you should look closly at gold offered by this character. Sometimes it might be trade character of normal player but mostly it's just scamer character.
  8. Nie wymieniaj się; ten medalion (z attack speedem, a bez life steala) jest wart max 50-70k.
  9. If u have very much gold u don't care about wasting. Maybe he is using pot at lvl 1 and lvl to ex. 10 lvl. Maybe it's better. However it looks broken :facepalm:
  10. Na Us-Sapphire normalną ceną jest 200k, bardzo ciężko sprzedać powyżej 220k, za 150k dosyć łatwo znaleźć osobe zainteresowaną kupnem.
  11. wtf is that? Pro tip; if u like game - vote if u don't like game - don't vote voting only because of chests or other gift is just retarded.
  12. It's just Yurosai on his noob barb :facepalm:
  13. Who said that this gift must be surprise chest/s? It can be anything; some personal repair/tp/life scrolls or potions etc.
  14. Making bigger friend list is definitely necessary; at least +20 (50 at all) would be good. Also notify when guild member enter/leaver would be helpful, just add options in setting to allow/not allow this notify same as notify when friend enter/leave as we have now.
  15. Not useless, but other stats like crit, energy regen, accuracy are just more important.
  16. Necro is one of the most balanced class at the moment. I don't see anything "funny" in making cooldown same as stun duration it would be just completely broken.
  17. I'm also from Poland and I noticed the same fact as author of this topic; a lot of people use their own language at world chat (which should be english only). Not only polish people, there are a lot of other "nations" using their own language just to talk or explain things which are harder to say in second language like english. Making new chats for every kind of language or setting it in your profile to get acces to your language chat would be a broken idea. Hower it should be resolved because now world chat is just for everything which make it pretty much useless: trade, looking
  18. As you said; other members get nice drop so droprate is good enough. It's not so hard to complete at 1 stamina, for normal: - If you go necro, shaman and 3x rogue - kill ads then boss if you have weapons +7 or more it should be easy. - If you have more healers attack boss first, when you kill him you can evade ads and claim reward. (more healers = easy tanking ads) Also minions help a lot so use them to get that few dmg so you will complete it faster.
  19. Minions shouldn't be forever, because of one simple thing: If there will be forever minions, there will be possibility to get weapons, armors or any kind of amplification for them; so if now people cry about big difference between high amp/low amp players, imagine what will happen when high amped player will have pro minion. If you suggest forever minions (this kind that we have now: mermans etc) it's unnecessary in my opinion. I use minions only for dungeon, lab, sometimes kota. Making them forever will make this game just too easy. Minions are cheap enough to use them when u
  20. I don't get it. What's the matter how many providers we use? There is one options for all sms users; "sms payment" no matter which one (provider) you use. The amount of $ earned is the same i think. The point of my thinking is: Aigrind should give +50% (during one week etc.) to ANYONE who will use "sms payment" option. They don't need to talk each provider they want make discount etc. They will just give +50%. I think they don't want make this promotion because from each one sms for example for 1$ they get just 0,5$ to they're bank account (half get provider) so if they will make
  21. Map is small enough to walk to every place on map with short time. Sometimes you need teleport scrolls but making shortcuts will be completely broken idea.
  22. Trizzz

    LFG chat

    It's good idea, they should also do the same thing with world chat (ban common words for selling/buying).
  23. You don't understand the point of my comment. I understand that it's not so profitable to make +50% bonus for sms. I don't care because I don't use this payment. I'm just saying that sometimes devs should show people that they actually listen to them and want let player feel that they can suggest something. (They don't need to make sms bonus every week; just try to make it once)
  24. All your suggestions basically break mechanics of this game. It won't be good to change it.
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