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  1. In fact it's full definition. Mostly, people are scamed because of one reason: they want to earn gold/miracle coins for free, and when someone came and say "hey I will give you 1000 mc, just give me password" they give it. So you need to be dumbass to accept that offert. :lol:
  2. Actually if you want to know we have to learn Polish and English and in adition we can learn German/Spanish/French/Russian. Sometimes people just learnt english at school but because they didn't use that they forgot almost all language. So if they use any other language because of job etc they know it better. You understand now?
  3. wtf is that bro? Everyone learn those languages which they want to, I don't understand your comment; it's quite pointless. /im from Poland too.
  4. Ah so u mean not costumes, just reward? Well in that case unity signs or something which is need to upgrade your guild would be the best. (gold as well)
  5. 1. Actually it's very good system. Running without this delays would make lab, swamp, dungeons and a lot more pve areas too easy. I could talk about it all night but I don't think you want to hear so many arguments. 2. The things is, all guild informations about gold, unity signs and gp which is neccesery to upgrade your guild is shown if u have the guild. (only the next stage, not few more) I know what you mean about that all informations, but mostly in mmo's u don't have spoilers and informations about every kind of statistic etc. It's job for fansites, here in ws all those inform
  6. I talked with author of the topic - so this is his idea; When you put an item to the warehouse u set up the price for it - in that case if anyone will take it, he need to pay for that. There are only 2 people who can just take this item without paying; leader and player who put it, so he basically want to make system that can protect YOUR items deposited into warehouse. In my opinion it's useless, warehouse is made to deposit things for all members - chose ranks of members wisely so no one will cry about scaming. But if u need to deposit something because of low space in bag - u s
  7. lol; in that case tournament's costumes would be even more useless, they need to be rare (only few guilds on server have that kind of costume), tournaments are not for rewarding half of the guils on server - everything work like it should.
  8. and that's right; just start using gold in transactions. btw there will be always too low space in trade - "omg I was scamed he promised me 180 sets of tickets, but he gave me 100 at one trade and then log out" People will be always scamed if they believe that people are honest.
  9. definitelly NO I want to see this rebellion :lol: anyway slots could be exteneded but devs have shown already that they won't make any improvements into the game.
  10. Well; actually I think ayvondil's and next dungeon's mobs will use magic attack. In other case it will sucks :bad:
  11. wow, we are happy that u didn't hacked us. thank you!
  12. 4. weak trasfer speed btw sometimes something u called "lag" can be just because of your bad/low computer or phone.
  13. strange one, but we need some new things in the game. Agree.
  14. Well simple things seems to be the hardest. 6 pages of complaining and flaming on devs and they can't even explain it with simple way.
  15. it's like: Hey gm! please ban me! :lol:
  16. How you can be that noob to get scamed (2nd time!)? Oh wait... if you are selling your char; don't be surprised that someone scam you. btw; this topic will be locked soon. Just send ticket to support.
  17. That's why he is asking about it; what "take care of it" mean, it's ban? mute? just simply what can happened to people who flame or abuse each other.
  18. It's random... 10 sets should be 100% if i have to say.
  19. In fact there shouldn't be something like change reward during tournament. Few days before tournament end there should be annoucment that there will be new reward so people can decide they want join next or not. Past few tournaments are a joke - u work hard for costume - bang! u have crimson corondum and chests. Now u think new costumes will come - bang! nothing happend. btw; maybe they will change it - it's not the end of tournament yet :bad:
  20. It doesn't look awesome with this resolution.
  21. Trizzz


    Disagree with this idea.
  22. you need to write to support at main page; http://warspear-online.com/en/support
  23. Tickets are actually very cheap. I don't see any reason to change it.
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