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  1. Thanks, I really appreciate your words, I hope to get that medal as well. Later I will make few more steps to help us to live in a world without noobs. :D But seriously it looks like: Nerf ranger! +9 ranger killed me in 3 secs, I have gear for lvl 13 +2! I was afk and I was attacked by boss - NERF RANGER his new skill is OP!!!
  2. Didn't you think for a while? Maybe: - you are low amped - your gear sucks - your skills are spent in wrong way - you didn't use healt potions and healing skills to heal yourself - your reflex sucks btw; I highly recomend to start attacking when someone attack you and stun him - it will help too!
  3. I wonder why everyone complain about balance by looking only at 1v1. If your character doesn't kill fast someone other - it's definitelly wrong/bugged/skills sucks/gear and weapon sucks. It's mmorpg right? Didn't you even think for a second that you have healers/dps/tanks here? In mmorpg u mostly work as a team not just single person. Why people don't complain about balance at dungeon/lab/every kind of quests/farm? In fact 1v1 is very small aspect of this game. Ofcourse it's not for 1v1 lol, it's an aoe. Necro is still strong at 1v1 and he didn't have aoe skill, now you have. Shouldn't
  4. czekaj czekaj; ty porównujesz jedno z najbardziej popularnych mmorpg na świecie z mmorpg na tel? Blizzarda z Aigrind? Zdajesz sobie sprawę, że programistów razem z grafikami w Aigrind jest nieporównywalnie mniej niż w Blizzardzie? Btw; to jest TYLKO gra na telefon, a liczebnością graczy, grywalnością i gameplayem przebije wiele mmorpg na komputer. Jak cię to wszystko tak bardzo boli, to wracaj do WoW'a - przynajmniej nie będziesz się nudzić. Mam nadzieję, że w WoWie nie wbijesz tylko 80 lvl'a i nie zaczniej narzekać, że nudno - pomijając wszystko po drodze.
  5. Pay to win: you can buy "sign of impreshability and Spehere of defence/damage" and enchant your all gear + weapon to +9/10, in that case you will have a lot dmg and def. You can buy those items (to enchant) from miracle shop - for miracle coins - for $$$, but also you can earn gold from the game by farming, questing etc and buy those items from another players. Buying miracle coins make that you can get everything very fast. But if you reallly want - you can get everything just for gold from the game, without spending any $$$. So basically: if you have a lot of $$ (in fact veeeer
  6. If you don't understand new skill, it doesn't make it useless.
  7. To, że ty nie widzisz zastosowania dla nowych skilli, nie znaczy, że inni też są tak samo ograniczeni. Jakby ci dali odrazu wyspe to byś narzekał, że już masz 30 lvl i co dalej. "Prawda jest taka", że pracują nad nową wyspą i nad zwiększonym lvlem też. Najpierw pojawi się jeszcze broń na 20 lvl oraz gear na 20 lvl, dopiero wtedy będzie zwiększony lvl cap. Bardzo dobrze, że dodają "100 tysięcy rzeczy" bo dzięki temu gra staje się ciekawsza; masz nowe wyzwania + nowe kombinacje skilli i taktyk. Jeżeli jesteś graczem, który wbija tylko lvl, nie patrząc na eq i broń, pomijając PvP, s
  8. Trizzz

    New skills

    lol guys; finally something to save money for, go farm etc. You can't buy? Go and drop it or wait for ppl who will sell it.
  9. Maybe ressurected, mean healed here? Can someone check it? edit: nvm, monsters can't be healed
  10. W zasadzie ma rację. Nie rozumiem czemu postacie mają resetować skille, jeżeli mogą zdobyć brakujące skill pointy wbijając kolejne poziomy.
  11. 5x5 http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=103128.0 - necromancer expert skill info
  12. yes, cuz he get dmg. 10 mins to server down again, I understand to close servers 1, max 2 times but 4th? :bad:
  13. seriously it's just annoying, it don't even pertain to the previous coments :facepalm:
  14. If u get dmg u stop for a sec right? So if someone get dmg due to effect of experts skill, he get dmg so he stop for a sec, but he get multiple dmg cuz if u hit other opponent for 100, 100, 100 that guy get 14,6 then 14,6 then 14,6. so it basically make many delays for him. (like parasite from lab, but can be even twice more effective)
  15. I'm sorry that I didn't make it, now I just don't want to use another book of oblivion. But as I remember: 1st lvl: 5% 2nd lvl: 10% 3rd lvl: 14,6% and 11 secs duration
  16. I hope we will meat at arena, then you will start crying about nefring necro. :drinks: btw it's basically disable ppl from moving (it's like parasite auto attack but even better - multiple dmg on enemy)
  17. Yes it's so much fun to loose because of unskilled/afk/leaver/troll player.
  18. You need to use book of oblivion if you want to lvl expert skill to lvl 2-3. (because you need to take 1-2 skill points from other skill)
  19. If you want to keep expert skill at lvl 1 u can run with your last build, but if you want to have it at lvl 2-3 - you need to sacrify 1-2 skill points from other normal skill.
  20. Imagine enemy team: 1x druid, 4x ranger. They all stand at area 5x5. You use skill at them. Your team kill druid with 3k hp in less than 5 secs. (and your team didn't hit any of the ranger's with any normal or aoe attack) all rangers have 438 hp less (after druid die) Now let's say u killed druid in 3 secs and 1 ranger in 2-3 secs. still not OP?
  21. Now Crimson Corondum is the only one currency that u can't buy from other players and you can't buy it for mc. So costumes bought for cc are only for ppl who worked hard for it. And then u can sell it cuz it's your hard work. CC would be super cheap after your suggestion get real.
  22. Don't be surprised if someone will buy it. World is full of noobs who don't know that u can buy it from merchant.
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