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  1. That's why I don't complain. At least I can play ws ;)
  2. I don't see any point to make low lvl players stronger, it's easy enough to complete all quests.
  3. The only way to download for symbian is from official site. Ovi does not support ws anymore.
  4. Skills work fine on other platforms. Just wait for symbian. 40k is normal price. Is not too high (like it could be, if you would need to pay miracle coins for skill) you imagine that crying? "omg greedy devs they want only $" so now they made it from npc and ppl talk shit again. You said poor ppl. But you know why they're poor? They are just lazy. It's mmorpg; you need to work for things here! Damn... Is it so hard to understand? The community of this game won't stop surprising me; in every mmorpg if people see something hard, they just work for it by playing all days and all night
  5. What classes you will classify as tanks?
  6. galm flight, I know you are new foru user and you want to have many posts below avatar but, please stop making triple posts! Use edit function. cherrybia Of course people won't spend gold/miracle coins/$ etc for guild if it won't give any bonuses. And the reason is simple: because it won't give any bonuses. ;) I understand you, but it's mmorpg, ya sure game is made for playing with friends, meet new ppl, enjoy the game with them, but it's also for grind, having the best weapon and havind bonuses which other can't get. So that's the thing; you can't make everything only by looking at "
  7. Guild is thing which you build with friends and it should reward you. I don't get what is wrong with that.
  8. I wonder why people think that warspear is classic mmorpg with combat triangle. It's actually not. The thing is in warspear shaman/druid/necro/priest ISN'T pure support healer same with other classes. You can't sort all classes only by dps/heal/tank.
  9. 1. Disagree - that's the mechanic of ws, deal with it. 2. Bag space is also a end game thing that you can save gold for. Players always want everything for free, fast and easy way. 3. Idk this problem doesn't hurt me so much. 4. Dealer works fine - you have market licence. Btw at forum you have sell/buy/exchange topic. 5. ? 6. Wtf is that? Eceonomy is made by players. 7. More informations like? 8. -
  10. cool story, but it's impossible :good: even gt + nuadu + all crit hp ench + 3lvl hp guild skill as warlock/mage can be ~3,4k just copy
  11. Hey guys! Spaming it all the time, won't make it faster.
  12. rich? The main goal of this game is good gear and amp. It's not Aigrind fault that people think that they can only earn gold by buying miracle coins. If he used bravery arcanum + hp scroll it's not so hard lol
  13. No one listening to you because there is no reason to do that. PvP cave is place when you face with other people, so you can 1v1 with them. Yes there are a lot of "disturbers", gankers etc. But who care? Your idea sucks so hard. PvP cave is not a problem. Actually the thing is that Aigrind didn't make 1v1 arena or something like that. Maybe you don't know but PvP is just normal cave but players called it "PvP' so there is no reason to make it "like nadir" to not allow people to fight there.
  14. Making new server for br ppl was bad idea. Now all nations want their own servers. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  15. If you want to sell something use: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=1618.1470 Btw; why you comunicate us that you sell items in market in question and answers section?
  16. The same thing you have with all healers and casters. No one would get this 3k-3,3k hp without lvl 3 guild hp skill. So everything works good now.
  17. There is only one way to get free mcoins: making surveys etc, (enter miracle shop, below "buy miracle coins" button u have "earn free miracle mcoins" Rooting, it's for andriod but shoud help you to understand what exactly rooting is. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=102231.0 short info: If your phone is rooted, you can change/delete/edit all files etc. Yes it helps in games, often make games run smooth and just better. I don't think it enable cheats.
  18. Ya, Stern is using his own english type. @topic; sunday sounds good, people cry that they can't do cl for all days, so it's good idea to help them.
  19. In that case, download programs is the best way to earn miracle coins, because they almost always pay for that (unless for surveys it's not even half)
  20. I don't get how it would help... Anyway; Free miracle coins surveys etc are good, but I don't recomend you to install any program. You don't download only a game etc, you get bonus toolbar or other shit which is annoying and hard to remove. It's not worth that few miracle coins.
  21. I post this photo late... We've taken demo from elfs when it was at 200k. Still no drop :crazy:
  22. Google translated it as: And you play long ears Sapphire. No, I dont play long ears.
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