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  1. The only thing is clearly: you are ignorant who think that know everything about me. But I will let you live with your wrong imagination that shaman beat everything without any difficulties. I just don't have enough time to explain you every aspect of necro, but also it's worthless; you already think shaman is the best and you don't see anything else. Edit: I'm not pathetic or childish, I just reply if I see people saying for example "necro expert skill sucks, I used it on 1 enemy and it didn't do any dmg, devs plsss change it" or "necro skills sucks, I loose so much hp, I dont u
  2. Yes necro is my main thats why I know how to play it. Sure, average player can play necro; effectivelly? Not everyone. The only thing I can agree with you is that this argue does not have sense. You call my opinion based only on necro playing, as I see you have opinion based only on shaman playing because you definitelly played necro wrong way. That's why explaining you everything "is a waste" you just want to show necro is useless class. Bu it's actually not. Ehh you just read without even thinking what I wanted to say. Do you really think I would use poison spittle +2x deathly eye
  3. Shaman is not better than necro, it's just easier to play that's why you think it's better - as a shaman you just put heal on yourself and that's all, on necro it's harder but more effective. Necro have only one stun but you can't attack while you "sleep" that's why it's better. You don't need to dmg your enemies while they "sleep", you can put shield, heal yourself and put 2x deathly eye. Actually necro have aoe and believe me it's not less effective then shaman's aoe. Mostly you play 5v5 (arena, dungeon, lab, even for solo hunting it's good), but if u compare all skills
  4. Btw In one topic roland or snorlax said that it's impossible to lost item while amping from 0 to 1. And if it happened it should be reported.
  5. ~60k, raczej to bezużyteczne - nie ma mana regen.
  6. Ja to bym ciebie posłał do podstawówki, bo nie da się kompletnie zrozumieć twojego toku myślenia. Z tym zdejmowaniem eq to nie polecam. Naprawa nie jest aż tak droga, żeby bawić się ze zdejmowaniem i zakładaniem całego eq co pare minut. No ale wiadomo, do oszczędnych świat należy. ;)
  7. Make bd/druid/shaman in that case.
  8. Tak dobrze to chyba nie będzie, ale fakt gaktem, że teraz pełno tego na serverach jest. Dungeon robi swoje. :)
  9. ๓ęçђą ↯ şąเұąŋ, have been posted link to the thread where mods said that they won't make system which allow you to 1v1.
  10. Robisz questy; tutaj masz bardzo dobry poradnik: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87137.0
  11. Actually as I know symbian can be downloaded from official site, that mean it's only their fault. But apple and windows (phone) stores are have their own "aprove time". But yes, snorlax/roland should post something here to just say us what's kind of problem they have and at least give us aprox time we need to wait.
  12. "wedding features" are funny, a lot of people enjoy it, but hell don't make it in warspear! (rigns, informations about partner etc - it will just sucks here)
  13. Not every mmo work like this. That's the wrong point. Why healers can't deal dmg? Why tanky classes can't deal dmg too? You all think mmorpg=combat triangle=healer/dps/tank. You don't have pure tanks, pure healers here. Face that fact. (good example of mmo who broke barriers like combat triangle is guild wars 2) Combat triangle games are good, but it's not necessery. btw I'm not saying this game is balanced and as a necro I feel healing classes have too much power, but it's not about nerfing. There are different ways to buff other classes so helers can stay strong, but the rest will get m
  14. Ha! It's not over react; that's the meaning of "you" in english, actually I post it to all people who think similar to you. Everything can't be accesed by everyone. You've been suggested and idea. I disagreed with it so i also post it. You can get angry every time you want. It won't make impression on me. I don't want to explain all things to you, there is no reason for that. btw if I could decide about that skills; Before you get acces to buy "manual" you need to complete quest/s where you need to kill all bosses from lab (b0-9) that would just make it harder so you will
  15. If you bought skill and it's not working. Just wait instead of crying that it's wasted gold. I don't really like what Aigrind is doing now (I have symbian too, and I can use my skil only on pc) but I understand that I can't do anything, so posting "help I can't play" for the 100th time is for nothing. Yes I think before I reply. To be honest a lot. That's for what forum was made. It's starting to be funny, because people think that the only way to earn gold is buying mc. But believe me you can play without buying mc and still have new skill, good gear, weapon etc. I'm saying that
  16. We are just saying our opinions and we have right for that. I agree to make kind of place or system where you can 1v1, but Disagree if you want to make all those things in just normal cave.
  17. It won't be more popular because of that potion. There is just no reason for your suggestion. Disagree.
  18. Why you want to make something easier, if it's actually very easy? Mmorpg should be chalanging (even at early game) it's not good if you use that potion and go to kill boss in few seconds or when you are afk. Everything should be harder, not easier.
  19. Hah sure but, who told you that you have combat triangle with dps/healer/tank here? Stop complaining about class because you classyfied necro or priest as a support or dk as tank instead of dps-tank etc because you are wrong. Actually there is only one thing that tell us which class should have more power/hp, heal strong etc: this info when you are creating a char. Not your thoughts.
  20. lol, using "ignore" is easier than making new chars, you shouldn't have problem with ignoring 3-4 people. (I don't think they would make more, I hope they are not that stupid)
  21. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=81677.15
  22. Trizzz

    Voice chat

    That's why I think voice chat could be able in guild, party and private. World chat or area should be not allowed. Too much people = scream or shit talk so you can't understand anything.
  23. Trizzz

    Forest Song

    AH yes, skill stupid is idea.
  24. your "tutorial" isn't even a tutorial and doesn't help with anything. Calling someone "kid" or "idiot" won't make you pro - remember that.
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