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  1. We have new parameter in our new weapons - stun. It works fine, but every time this effect comes on any boss*, you're stuned. So basically instead of stun the boss, you stun yourself. And there is my question: Is it intentional or some kind of bug? Because you know, If u farm bosses now, it's not so good to stun yourself every 15-30 hit, sometimes 2x in a row. *I have tested it on Sam Hein, demonologist, snorlar and on boss from 21 lvl dung.
  2. Nope, I just gave u example why necro players are getting mad and because of topics like that, we have so many threads about buffing necro.
  3. http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=117614.msg917739#new
  4. And that's the only thing I want to - some rework. I know there are a lot of people crying "necro should be the best", but cmon, if there are topics like 'buff secret link' I understand why necro players (new or old) are getting annoyed. Especially when everyone is saying that "necro is fine", "necro is very good" etc. Necro is still playable but it's really hard to competete with other "support" classes without advantage at better weapons/eq.
  5. Including you at the top. Stop thinking that you are the only one who know everything about necro because you are not. Look at the necro section if u think there are only few players players thinking that necro is weaker than it used to be.
  6. Ah, so priest is dps with healing, shaman is dps with healing, shaman is dps with healing but necro is "support" who kill himself? To play necro good you need to be 'pro'; if u play other classes you just need to be 'good' and results are same. Stop calling people stupid only because they have other opinion about their own class. You are not saying anything constructive; just "learn to play". You said it once - it's enough.
  7. I play necro for a long time and I won't say it's weak, but it could be better. I mean cmon, why we have to lose hp when heal and shield + panic now? Expert skills are not bad, but they are only good when 3/4, 4/4; we need an advantage at good (not op) skills which are useful at 1/4. Necro is full support character? So give them skills which are better for supporting, now the other elf classes (druid, priest) have better healing skills and better dmging skills too - and I'm not talking about 1v1. Also saying that necro is a god sounds like a good joke.
  8. Ehh; if at least damaging enemy wouldn't cancel the effect... But instead - we have another skill draining our hp
  9. Devs have already said that they won't change any of swamp rewards.
  10. Priest new expert skill is one of the biggest joke I've ever heared; he can cancel ANY negative effect (stun, fear etc, dmg over time) EVERYTHING in just one click and he can do It on multiple allies. Aditionaly he can duckin heal. If It goes this way I want aoe shield with magic and normal defence buff in future on my necro.
  11. Panic should have 3x3 area, 3-4 secs duration at lvl 3-4 and shouldn't be canceled when target is attacked. So you know... We are ducked again. And the best thing is; "Redemption". Mass effect restoring allies' health and removes negative effects. Works on a certain area. - seriously? Priest can cancel our skill with his own + heal them. WTF? (btw he can cancel nightmare etc as well) I don't get how the hell devs are not seeing this. Necro need completely rework and instead of buff him a bit they are making us weaker and weaker...
  12. They already said It multiple times that they won't make costumes unbindable.
  13. It's not so hard to understand you; you want that devs make animation to some of new expert skills and I actually agree with you. animations shouldn't be "long and epic", just short move of "hands and arms" of character
  14. That's my suggestion how necro should be reworked: - First of all loosing hp when shield/heal should be removed. Of course they could make something like: 5-10% of hp lost during healing or shielding is converted into mana. (You heal someone and you lost 100 hp but gain 5-10 mana) and it would be fine too. - Poisonous shield should be reworked by making it healing shield, so instead of dmging enemies it would heal allies. Amount of ticks and numbers stay same. ( you cast it on yourself [actual owner of shield don't get heal] and stay near player(s) - you heal him/them ~50 and ~100! per
  15. We can't know that - if u click at this clock you will see only "-" in description.
  16. What the hell are you talking about? He already explained you everything step by step. Everyone here just want to point out that necro have really weak expert skills + loosing hp when healing/shielding - it's nonsense now! (since it doesn't give any advantage) The concept of necro expert skills is not so bad, but seriously; the numbers and % are lowered so hard - and that make them useless.
  17. Trizzz

    necros necros

    It's kinda strange Idea, but yes - they definitely should do something about hp loosing since it doesn't give any advantage.
  18. Skill have higher dmg in total ( more pulses = more dmg) one pulse is not getting higher just by lvling
  19. at lvl 3 it dmg 10x times, dmg won't be higher by lvling it up. It's really good skill; no animation so you can put it really fast and it deal decent dmg at lvl 3 (~400-600)
  20. by editing this picture in any kind of programe like photoshop/gimp etc; look closly at the number of gold in picture and u will see it have been edited
  21. Now, we can't even play. Game crushes after pressing "play" button. Update with new skills for symbian were released after HUUUGE delay. I can't believe it will take so much time again. You are basically ignoring 20% of your players/clients. It's not so good for comunity, for earning $$$ and for people who just want to play.
  22. I already answered it in the previous post. But sure, everyone have his own "the best class" @topic; author: you should make shaman, maybe later you will change it fot other class.
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