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  1. Hi! I just have a small request to you. If you amped u re amulet/rings to +8/9/10 can u post the photo or write how much magic def u have? And also tell me how much magic def u have with all your runes/rings/eq. I want to know it because since i amped my rings and amulet to +4 and i have 1507 magic def for now (20.3% less dmg) I feel that it's too high. People can now build 3k+ magic def (~40%less dmg+ !). Healers got buffed that's for sure but the currently predictor magic def - less dmg taken its too high! (Im not writing it because i want to cry, I just want to count the
  2. How u can be that stupid? Read about this update and u will realise that healers have been buffed.
  3. I see a big problem with too high magic defence. I have only 1507 magic def = 20,3% less dmg. It's too high. + 4 amulet = 605, +8 like ~990. If u include magic defence runes and some eq items with magic def its a way to high then. R.I.P magic classes at pvp
  4. Well, I don't get why u made this topic. He just asked for 500g lol. @edit; In fact we're not so poor; 3lvl hp passive already bought.
  5. They won't add 3% cooldown reduction as a passive. For forsaken there will be 3% magic def and maybe they will raise it later.
  6. As a necro player i really like converting sun, moon, dark, astral into one element called magic. Change provides to lower prices of gt and others 18 lvl set because of less number of elements; so there will be more usable eq and weapons. Only one thing to worry about is that they will make too much resist on magic attacs, if magic defence and following % falling down dmg taken will be to high it will really sucks. Also healing will be re-count so I hope it won't be too high and too low. But for now we can just waiting. A lot of ppl say that it's end of the game etc but it isn't! It's just ano
  7. Trizzz

    So lame!!!

    Well there are many topics saying how to protect your acout and not being scamed. In fact; how they can ban scamer? How u can prove that this was the guy u are talking about. U know it, because u gave him password etc. But if u will send the picture of messages of chat that u were giving him passes gms won't do anything cuz YOU gave it. So crying on forum is idiotic. There is only one reason that anyone get scamed: peaople believe that they will earn something for free. Btw how stupid u need to be to give acces to your own account because someone said "I will give you 1k mc/amp your weapo
  8. I know it, that's why i thought today will be too! :)
  9. Deathly eye is hard to use; u need some reflex and no delays at u re phone/computer to use as combo with sleep and poison spittle during healing and shielding. Druids have easier mechanic of this kind of spell but; if u hunt a boss with 3 necros and all will spam deathly eye (there is higher chance to pop-up) and then all will use poison spittle it can deal huge amount of dmg, and use deathly eye at start is good advantage too.
  10. As a 12lvl necro i decided to buy staff with sun dmg and heal, because I didn't use poison spittle so often then i decided I will only auto-attack... Just because i didn't have few k more gold to buy staff for necro. :D
  11. As a necro player i feel that "wizards" are not nerfed and not buffed. I think that if for example staff +0 will have 100 magic power; u will heal for 100 and dmg for 100, but if the same staff but +6 will have 140 magic power; u will still heal for 100 and dmg for 140. In this case or if the heal will increase due to amping and it will be higher like 4-10 more it will be balanced. If im necro and i heal for 690 now and dmg for 200, now i will heal for ~740 and dmg for ~290; so now im buffed because i hit for more dmg and my heal stay the same or even increase. But since every
  12. I like that in this game devs earn tons of money but they do something for that. This event will be great!
  13. I have problem too but after this guide: http://forum.warspear-online.com/index.php?topic=87137.0 (guide: Massive spoiler for norlant swamp) u will see some tricks which will help u.
  14. There is not other way to exp. Just dailys; u have some yellow quests on swamps too. Swamps are easy, u just need know what to do.
  15. But what about items, gold etc? Only character? Changing factions with items would be broken.
  16. I have done all quests on irselnort. I left only chainless league (i need to kill kratt now), and I dont have six shadows. Is it bug or something?
  17. Hmm, it's interesting; - i have already some dailys at camp of legion areas - i have already storyline at swamps (2 yellow, quests) (im lvl 18)
  18. Hello! I have a question: I want to do six shadows of berengar quest, but i can't take it, because there isn't any npc where i can start it. I have done all quests in Nadir (i didn't do one quest - "genie of bloody fire"). Could u tell me what quests i need to do to start 6 shadows? Btw; what exactly change when I will do 6 shadows? More quest? But dailys or main?
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