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  1. want to play on a server where there is only Brazilians, if I really wanted to play in an empty server playing on (VN-chuanhan) because I do not know where the problem of foreigners like you who only seek help when they need it and then forget who helped you one thing that does not exist here in Brazil. I do not know why you foreigners comseguem not read a post and you're left without a critical rather than their opinion.
  2. often go in groups to kill bosses to try to get some rare item but as random and not know for whom the item is dropped if the player will leave the other damaged dishonest and not even know. So if they create a system to send out a message on the chat info telling you what and to whom fell the item would be good. here to post your opinions on this please no criticism.
  3. There is already a Russian server, and do not think there are more polish than Brazilians in the game as the most widely used language and English, and is difficult to discover who and Polish, Polish and you know who you know and I know of only Brazilians I know. to know the largest number of players from each country only if those responsible for control of the servers do a search by checking teh amount of IP servers exist in each country.
  4. in which countries will be available via sms payment for the purchase of miracle coin? because in the past was not available to pay the subscription in Brazil and there are many Brazilians in sapphire and emerald.
  5. The method of payment via SMS is available to all countries? because they could not afford before signing in Brazil. via paypal out of the question does not have a credit card: (I'm afraid.
  6. is possible to create a server for Brazilians? because I see the server Chuanhan VN-there are so few players so that there are more players in Brazilian sapphire, emerald and more until the sapphire.if not why not?
  7. 1°what are the payment to buy the coins miracle? 2°how much each had cost money? No Mioco,yes Kuzmitch!!!!!
  8. the lag is not only in the emerald sapphire everyone is complaining here also 20 in 20 seconds I lose the connection to the server.
  9. the error that closes the game if someone dies on your screen has been repaired?
  10. legal to de firstborn msm so falta eu arrumar mais uma pt pra matar berrengar's guard pra pegar rank 5 essa quest muito foda 2 pt pra matar os bosses :( Sapphire Nick:fantasy Vocaçao:druid
  11. every time someone dies on my screen the game just closes resulting in my death also my friends and I will kill berrengar's guards not conceguimos because if somebody dies from the set of all closed and all die not completing the quest and could not do anything besides doing the quests blue. Is there any Reward for time and money spent on the dying? [move]everytime we hear the support saying "sorry for the inconvenience" but that will not bring back our lost time.[/move]
  12. kkk ram and I know its not a n95 8gb, I have few applications installed so as not to compromise my ram so I use n95 8gb cause he has one of the best ram's
  13. pena que ai nos montain tem muito poucos br so sei de vc la :( De firstborn aki ja tem br sobrando a party ta full e tem mais 3 br de fora dela :)
  14. when I'm playing (warspear) can not open another application from my mobile application that automatically closes. example applications: opera mobile, notepad, music player etc. and that an error or the game itself blocks suspicious applications to avoid substance alone? :unknw:
  15. yeah now that you said (R3van) happens anyway when I open windows and try to close the passage from one screen to another. now lack only confer this. :)
  16. chamanking-druid-rank-4 brbinho-ranger-rank-4 screaming-bladedancer-rank-3 thaisabr-bladedancer-rank-3 leskbr-ranger-rank-2 ofeu-nao sei-rank-3 yoshimatsu-nao sei-rank-3 e eu shuahsuhasu fentasy-druid-rank-4 :good:
  17. would be improved if we crashed until only the blood of the monster hit that the last stop in and always give more than blood that the monster has this hinders the calculation of the blood of the monster.
  18. has two errors happening on my n95 8gb. 1¤sometimes I open the menu, chat, etc. bag and not try to close the pressing close (close) but it's not just when it happens I have to restart the game 2¤another and the sound that in some area to suddenly having to change the sound area to return.
  19. uhul mais brasileiros de firstborn no sappire contando comigo ja sao 4 :) so falta vc haohmaru xd.
  20. I use the n95 8gb playing TibiaME last up to 6 hours already playing warspear only one hour :(
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