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  1. Kuzmitch, mioco once said that they were creating the guild system, but after that there was no pronouncement on this issue. AIGRIND gave up this system? there are several people who created guilds do not even have the system yet. launch such a system would be good now.
  2. very good but still not announced anything about the guild system that should be a priority.
  3. >>>EnglishIt would be a good idea to offer to purchase miracle coins via "BoaCompra" "http://www.boacompra.com" since in Brazil there is only the purchase via paypal which is not accessible for all players in the game. The "BoaCompra" there several methods of payment and for almost all countries. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- >>>PortugueseSeria uma boa ideia disponibilizar a compra de miracle coins via "Boacompra" "http://www.boacompra.com" ja que no Brasil existe apenas a compra via paypal que nao e acessivel para todos jogadores do game .no "Boacompra" existe varios metodos de pagamento e para quase todos os paises.
  4. sei que existe varios brasileiros no sapphire e emerald, eu jogo no sapphire classe firstborn (elfos) e tem muitos brasileiros. :pleasantry:
  5. mioco had said that the guild system was already in development but already has had three updates since then and not had any more news. In my opinion the guild system would be a priority now. know anything about that smurfer???
  6. but none of our abilities makes him off guard in the attack without giving any chance of defense or easier quests that difficult.
  7. firstborn as we all know this new rogue ability "Stealth" which makes him invisible and can attack your enemy off guard without giving any chance to defend can kill a druid he can not do anything. enter any area of our faction without being perceived as facilitating in quests (avanger stelar) may have easy access to a boss without taking damage (guards) (underground horror). this new skill "Stealth" is a rogue Trapasso, I can not believe that a skill so approved. I know that no first-born will accept this skill in the game so I created this topic to vote on the exclusion applied to rogue this ability.
  8. my new profile has been locked and do not know why I'm wanting to wanting to move in the game and you do not leave miracle bought almost 50 000 coins and I can not use because you blocked my profile without even telling me why. the bill to pay min miracle coins will come and I've not used hardly any of them, I'm trying to recover from the loss of my old character who devoted a year of my life, and you block me and the new. already send message to the support already been a week and still not answer me Please give me an answer. Locked profile: [email protected]
  9. why buy miracle coins are no longer available for the Brazilian?
  10. bom saber que tem novos br se manifestando a muito tempo esse topico estava sem posts. quem quizer ajuda no sapphire e elfo(firstborn)falar com esses br que conheço. #espartano #zorrobr #valgartha #rodolphomv #magehunter #michaelbr #fiendfyre #fantasy === deletado === meu novo e (matrixzin) #irdiz #lokkoepoko #victormga #unterass #cebolero #wicht #chrisstiel #trow #samuels #flamengobr #israelbr #jotapebr #kogyro e atualizando...
  11. good guys in my opinion this current skill system is not right for this limited for every 5 skill levels, and also that any player can maximize all lvl 15 skill. Now let's assume that you are a druid and a shaman were to see you and el and has the same attributes (moon and astral) (critical, life and dodge), which is not impossible since they are the best stats. which will define who will win and luck and a well of his ability in the game. This is not as good as it should be since you and he hit the same tandem. you would be correct to win the game for his ability and willpower. now if it were a system where the more you battles of skill increase their status, if you had more willpower in the game you would have the advantage. Now I ask you guys to vote for the best system in the opinion of you guys for the (AIGRIND) change this system.
  12. not have as a form of payment and sale of (miracle coins) will not be via pay pal is not a more affordable option for the Brazilians there's a question. is possible for you to contact "BoaCompra Ltda" and try us with the purchase of (miracle coins) via "BoaCompra"?
  13. why is not available to purchase (miracle coins) for Brazil?
  14. this update is good? the number of players has fallen dramatically, and complaints do not stop at trade chat.Brazilian and can not buy (miracle coins )!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. why the purchase of (miracle coins) is not available for Brazil?
  16. all players who are level 18 in 1000 lack of experience to deliver the same level 19 quests does not decrease the amount to the next level.
  17. as in the subscription system and now the miracle of sistena coins is not available for the payment via SMS brazilians.o I feared has happened I am angry or outraged Brazilians are the best!
  18. all players who are level 18 in 1000 lack of experience to deliver the same level 19 quests does not decrease the amount to the next level.
  19. a post or topic can be created several times by the same User, it does not define the amount of players on the server.
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