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  1. The replacement process requires 24k from me.The first change only required 1 knowledge point.I thought it would be 1 point the next time, but it was 24k for the second time.I'm currently stuck in the game without any talents and this is ridiculous.
  2. Need buff for magical chief(dmg and def for 1v1 bladedancer), i dont like run all time.Need army for chieftain.Necro has a skeleton army and the chief doesn't even have 1 dog, let alone 1 soldier. What kind of chief is this then?Everyone is playing physically damage chief.
  3. Full cd druid spawns a lot of creatures.Druids find a place for themselves in all dungeons. Druids make good dmg.It would be more logical if the creatures of all creature spawning classes were nerfed.
  4. Zankozim


    Juliovmz is right.Think of a 2v2 match. Let the team on one side be 2 seekers.When one of the seekers attacks a target by stuning it first and the other seeker attacks the same target by stuning it at the end of the stun, this is not called 2v2. 1 player from the opposing team is eliminated from the game from the beginning.Moreover, it is a fact that seekers have very strong damage and it will not take 2 seconds for 2 seekers to attack the same target in turn and destroy the target.
  5. We expect you to make a new regulation that will be fair to all players regarding the drops dropped from dungeons in the game.While certain players receive rare items one after another, other players do not receive items for months or years.If you can't get nice items from the dungeons, there is no pleasure in playing the game. For example, when you can't drop books.You mentioned guaranteed drops in the game, i hope this will happen as i think.We get bored with the game when we cannot complete the raid boss achievements, and it seems impossible for players who are not in strong guilds to complete them.Finally, i think it would be better if the usage time of the minions would not decrease when we are not using them, and i hope you have done so.Thank you very much for the great looking map you just created and for the nice gaming experience.
  6. There should be an arrangement for the dg to end faster, even though we do not approach them when there is lag in the game, the sentinel robots constantly throw us back, and this prevents us from spamming fast dg and undermines our enjoyment of the game.
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