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  1. Those beneficial to progress in the game in general. Can't get stronger without them.
  2. Seekers, signs, spheres, pots, runes, crystals, license. Those are probably the bread winner for the pve side more than the pvp side which literally just arena tickets.
  3. Or we can leave it. It's all about scaling. I just rather see more bosses that are not easy to solo. Honestly, I'm annoyed from these buff and nerf for pvp contents. This game need to focus of the more towards pve side. More raids, unique quest, more maps, etc. The list goes on. Extend swamp and update the the tele and remove it being random(rip brand new players). Have a designated pvp map. Instead of map2, have a map that you can teleport to. One side Legion camp and the other Sentinel. But that idea is a topic I'm too lazy to create. Well. That's all I got for now.
  4. Buff: "OMG! Pwease NeRf. It's too OP. I can't 1v1 them. Devs Pwease. My Vajayjay hurts a lot to 1v1 them. I can't kill them anymore. Now I gotta play smart." -PVP Players "Oh nice, I can solo better" -PVE Players Nerf: "OMG! They're easy now! What a noob. 12 books and still lost. Hahahaaaa! What a loser nub nub. Delete your character" -PVP Players "Bummer, fun while it lasted. Guess I'll do some arena. *Dies in 1 combo*. Alrighty then, LAB PM ME" -PVE Players
  5. Oh hush. Dk is the top nerfed class in the game. Let them shine in too.
  6. Ok now. You need to stay quiet for DKs. You too @Drakoknight Before they change their minds.
  7. Ok we need a book for this. Because this is huge! This is what we need. All classes can shine.
  8. Nah, they should've kept other classes when they were a powerhouse. Instead of nerfing BD. Revert the other classes back to their perspective power.
  9. 50% of that power should've been Necro and Priest shield without the talent enhancement.
  10. They get removed from the character retrieval list. Mine disappeared from that list after when I checked a year after. Sadly, you have to wait for that one event where you can farm for solidity gear from dg. Then you can get them back, well, buy them back.
  11. I'll join you once I can bring back my deleted characters. I can't promise being very active. I drive tractors for a living.
  12. I'm a sucker to be a returning player too. Just waiting on the event to bring a few of my characters back. Probably 3/10 of them.
  13. Honestly, wish the skill do a knock up stun every 2 seconds.
  14. Shadowmon


    Yes, I meant pets.
  15. Shadowmon


    Enable a quest to obtain 3 specific roles minions. For tanking, healing, or damage. No timer. If you want other minions, make it were you can farm for them from bosses, raids, and DGs.
  16. Disassembling gives you partial of what you actually need to make that same gear(low chance for catalyst, essence, and substance). There are 5 methods I can share with you for a fast craft from my personal experience. 1. The solo method: unlock all the slots and focus on crafting just tier 1 and tier 2 items. Make tier 3 if only if it's profitable. 2. The multi-task method: Same as the solo method, but creating more characters or using your alts to craft the resources to speed craft for your main craft character. 3. The buddy method: If you have a good friend that will literally give you every resource drops he gets. Combine that with the solo method. 4. The Mcoin method: Same as the solo method, but using mcoins to buy many rookie licenses. 5. The big grind method: Literally combining all 4 methods if it's possible. It's expensive from the start, but pays at the end. Takes a couple of months to a year if you grind to max them all., depending on how often you can get many resources for tier 2 and 3 items.
  17. I literally came back to this topic to watch the pinball pvp video. Hilarious freaking.
  18. Shadowmon


    I like that idea versus the current minions that has a never ending timer.
  19. Shadowmon


    Lol I mean, they're making $1000s weekly for sales. They impeded specific requires to progress in the game with these sales. Already risky amping to +2 without signs. But definitely would like to see a Hydra mount as a drop.
  20. Shadowmon


    Yea. Walking is slow and the pain of stuck in mobs.
  21. It's that one skill when BM call moon to remove debuffs. It's not worth the points unless you're making a raid BM, or an event BM. It makes moon invincible and give it movement speed. Honestly, it's op on the pvp side(3v3, gvg, 5v5), but handy for solo endgame bosses. In addition to the pvp side, it's not all that great for 2v2(my opinion).
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