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  1. "Stranded on the Isle of Almahad" My name is Wedge, I am a seeker and a mercenary, I will share my story when I was stranded on a mysterious island called Isle Of Almahad. The story begins... After completing the assignment in Ayvondil, I plan to visit my hometown in Langasard. I headed to the harbor and set off on a big ship. On the way, our ship was attacked by a giant octopus, I was assisted by warden and ranger trying to protect the ship. After an incredibly great battle, we managed to defeat him. The journey continues... Not long after, an extraordinary storm occurred accompanied by thunder and big waves. Our ship was tossed around in the middle of the sea, then a tornado came from the south and quickly hit us, the ship was thrown far away and hit a giant rock. SHIPS DESTROYED... We all tried to save ourselves. And in the middle of the sea I was exhausted and fell asleep on a piece of wood. Night passed... I woke up from my sleep and luckily, I saw an island in front of me, then I swam to it. When I arrived, I looked around there was only a large desert and nothing to eat. I'm thirsty... i'm hungry... but I have to keep walking looking for help. On the way I tripped over something that made me fall. Then I took the thing, it looked like a teapot and then I immediately poured it into my mouth, it turned out that there was no water in it, my fate was really unfortunate. Then I got angry and threw the teapot, immediately smoke came out of the teapot and a huge creature appeared and said: "Say three wishes !!!" "Who are you !!" ( I said ) "I am Jin, because you have freed me. So I give you three wishes. SAY !!" "Okay, first I want some fruit for me to eat, secondly I want a new weapon, because my weapon has sunk with the ship. And the third...." ( I was silent for a moment ) "What is the third" ( Said the Jinn ) "Third, I want to win this story contest HAHAHAHAHA".
  2. That's why I also suggested removing loot from all bosses and and replace them with random rewards when completing quests. This is to prevent all farmers from killing the boss.
  3. - Reduce the respawn time of all bosses to 2 minutes. - Remove drops from all bosses and change them to random rewards when completing quests. Commentary: When many people were doing quests, it would take a long time to complete. In fact, I once completed the pelion quest with full pt it took more than 1 hour.
  4. The war of the spear involved two tribes. Demons and humans will not be at peace. The sun loses its light. Because it was filled with bloodshed. Food and potions are the key to victory. To survive and achieve the glory.
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