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  1. ty devs coz in windows phone u put every week discount. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
  2. we are back in arena and this time really blitz rules in arena.. ty guys love u all...cheers :rofl: :rofl: :pleasantry: :pleasantry: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: time to celebrate as we first lvl 3 guild for arena lvl 14...and btw HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY to all of you friends. :tease: :tease:
  3. Ty gm for this noob update. Now mage will su**. Mages and locks = trash now. Remove that char from warspear. M sure this will direct affect to the game. And will loose many players...
  4. :yahoo: :drinks: we happy to inform we sorted out our internal problems and again in action. Thanking to khanzel for his biggest support for reunit us, thanking to all supporters and love to all haters
  5. Finally we are happy to inform u that we had sorted out our internal problem and will again rock lvl 14 arena. Ty .thanx to khanzel for his big support to reunit us.
  6. :yahoo: :yahoo: :drinks: :clapping: :good: wew legola and zepar go go go !!! And kill whoever come in ur way !!! Love this pic i don't think anyone is better than this in this server !!!
  7. yea tuby i have yo say u right .we not here guild but we blitz family.
  8. Yea tspfighters sucks in arena . In elf many lvl 14 pro but they separated in 4-5 guild unlike mc. Mc has only one guild with all pro called tspfighters. And they have many +10 locks . Locks sucks in arena . Tspfiggters going up fast in gp with daily arena and they r damn rich that they can afford tics ;!.
  9. :crazy: :crazy: :clapping: :diablo: :diablo: jiz wat u think he will waste her gold to make +7 x2 blade to only pvp u.... M confused and why u fearing to pvp her as she is
  10. Ah k thanx i respect all players who r good from heart not from gears Ty.
  11. Haha i love that this game has ignore list coz many ppl sucks in chat by asking free gold. And u still didn't told me name of that lady.:[
  12. :crazy: :diablo: :diablo: :drinks: lol who say i don't go random. My 40% is random arena. So just chill and don't call anyone noob ever. Even i didn't told that abt u. So why u taking it wrong way.
  13. :drinks: urowak u r from oldest player i respect u. And for ur kind info we r not accurate to inv ppl in guild. Anyone can join if they want and if free slot. But condition is u have to arena char( i didn't mean with pro but atleast u r not levling up after getting enough ap for lvl 17 arena weap and gear
  14. Lol u told many thing abt me. M not telling u that u hasn't pro or u noob guild. M just told u to pvp and accept my challenge. And if u feel bad then sry from me. M just telling we are best not that u r not best. And btw who said that he/she want to kick one Pala ass. Just come pvp and let me show who's ass will be kicked. No bad words. And finally for the leader of intepred if u feel bad than m sorry for that.... Ty
  15. lol who said,we have no paladins . I m paladin(yellowmiks) and magiceagle is paladin.
  16. Ah lol but now u blitz so leave it:[
  17. Wew blitzkrieg has really pro members.. Yea afterall its leader(zepar) is so strong so its always needs to be good guild and it is.
  18. Upper photo is of that time when there was bug in arena map and coz of bug one member dont go arena. Only one enter in 2*2 arena and still we won. Wew our leader is too good.
  19. The best way to be pro or to be call pro is just stay humble and nice to all. This is the key to get respected. Always remember one thing.. If u will give respect, u will get respect. Ty
  20. don't think m so rude.. We r blitzkrieg stay like family. We always accept good people in our family ... Pm me if u want join but u have to be atleast good equips not +10 but atleast +5 +6.. We will accept u in our family if their any slot free ..
  21. :aggressive: :aggressive: :lol: :lol: :lol: u can see in upper two photos that all pt member died only sparrowe didn't.. And there r 3 enemy. I want to tell u first that all they 3 has their full hp .and still sparrowe rapped them so u can finally imagine that how strong blitzkrieg members are. So finally ill say only one thing .- don't mess up with blitzkrieg or u will be raped xD. Open for challenges always just pm our member any time.
  22. I think,this is the best guild for lvl 14 arena ... And that images really good ..wat a perfect timing snap shots. Just lovin it.
  23. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: lol bedmunster left that guild already and 2-3 ppl also did that ..u r calling ur self pro then accept my challenge for 1*1 2*2 3*3 5*5 with our blitzkrieg guild. M sure u all will raped. At this time blitzkrieg guild is only best guild in lvl 14 arena. My arena char name is yellowmiks. Pm me if u didn't scared and accept my challenge... Otherwise we think u scared.
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