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  1. Why worrying abt some post if already fixed? Stop crying and let devs check and revert.
  2. Posting for bugs on forum is crying? Wait wait wait, i played a lots of games and posted bugs. Sry, i didnt knew that posting on forum is crying. Devs never mentioned this in their rule book. And i know why r u saying its fixed. U must have a chief
  3. Fixed? Wow!!! Why i cant see any difference then? Wait fixed = do nothing? I really need to check my dictionary again.
  4. Using bugs to win guild vs guild events? Thats not balancing about which devs always talk about. Either allow everyone to use, or Dont allow anyone. Also using this skills while having torch in grotto? Really devs? This is ur balancing? You guys really needs to fix this.
  5. Basic hit counts here or only skill hits will activate barriers?
  6. xd Birdy dont flirt me.. m shying....
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