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  1. Basic hit counts here or only skill hits will activate barriers?
  2. xd Birdy dont flirt me.. m shying....
  3. Actually i will like more if u refer me as BLITZ instead of indian as here i m BLITZ..... Blitzkrieg.....
  4. no lvl 26 update? and if there is time then why it is written in game description (in play store and windows phone store) that max lvl is 30? dont u think its cheat?
  5. App for forum for example windows central app.. Where we can find all news about updates or forum topics and can put our question which will be replied by members/mods
  6. Why there is no app for forum? It will good to browse directly from app instead of web. Don't u think?
  7. I was to ask one more question. Why my question deleted? I wont say what was my question but I want answer of this qustion..
  8. Lmao nestly...by the way u can call me yellowmilk.... Joking xD
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