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  1. Good job! Now that MC side said "byebye" to GVG completely! A chief with orcinus book is OP. Do you not nerf the effect of orcinus book, but to nerf nomal chief. Is it so powerful that all chiefs are? In addition, pay tribute to all players: Don't be deceived by this game. GM has successfully transformed the contradiction between GM and players into the contradiction between players, and then they take the advantage of fishermen. There is a way to solve this problem perfectly: that is, the two -sided camp is open to all occupations, such as: I can also create BM, BD, Seeker in MC ...
  2. whatever mc or elf,there're the same class at each side. That will be less
  3. There's a lot of diversity in games now, and that's great. There are a lot of talents to add to the character's stats, but this leads to a lot of novice players missing out on these knowledge points by missing out on the activities, and eventually these novice players will leave the game after experiencing the difficulty of the game. In contrast, on Ayvondil's t3, t4 and t5, many people still do daily tasks even though their t3, t4 and t5 reputations are full. Here I suggest adding an NPC to t3, t4, and t5 when there is no activity. Their function is to convert the player's reputation from t3 to 5 into knowledge points for learning ability in proportion. I hope you can take my advice and make it easier for more and more players to play games. This will make the game more dynamic.
  4. Let's compare elf and mc's supporting roles: elf's supporting roles like paladins, Templars, they have control, displacement, tenor, and healing; On the other hand, mc's assistants like shaman warlocks, what are they good at? What's even more ridiculous is that, as a support class, warlocks need protection, or they are often the first casualties of war.
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