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  1. For the 3rd valve area in the dungeon, you get stun even though you are blocks away from the blue dash lines. I thought you only need to avoid being caught inside the dash lines to avoid being stunned. This affects the majority of my dungeon runs.
  2. Guild event on a dedicated territory “Technomagic Hospital” I stage “Healer's Repair” There's a bug in the mechanics on how you heal the Healing Construct in the first stage of the event. - Attacking the main boss or the mobs won't heal the Healing Construct. - There's no Technomage Mechanism on the right location from the construct, and you won't get 'gear' buff too when attacking the Hospital Technobot. - Lastly, the Alchemical Mechanisms. How does this area work? Clearing the mobs on each mechanism won't even regenerate the mechanism itself.
  3. Like snow GvG, I think we should add a point system, where players can monitor their accumulated points from killing bosses. After trying the first GvG in Stage 1 testing, it felt like there's no objective at all. Lastly, I think the mobs inside should need a little nerf to their stats.
  4. Meaning, if rogues have 2x daggers equipped, they will have +30% speed buff from the skill. Isn't the skill a bit overpowered in comparison to all of the DPS class available? Rogues can do full dodge build without sacrificing their attack speed at all. And this will be a bit broken from the PvP perspective too.
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