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  1. My Necro was stuck in Ayvondil. I can't open it. The game automatically closes when I try to access my Necro. What should I do? I play on Symbian.
  2. If there would be a limit of number of players and there's 100 Paladins with 4/4 Harad's Banner vs 1 Necromancer with 4/4 Fateful Connection plus 99 Rogues with 4/4 Ellusive Jump+5/5 Merciless Strike, I could imagine what will happen next
  3. Control Points look awesome so here's my suggestions about it. 1. It must be like a dungeon or something where players can go and demand entrance to that special location. 2. Like what REAPER said, revive option must be removed once the player is inside the location. There must be a dedicated Revive Statue for each side and make it like if a player is killed for the first time, he will then automatically revive at the dedicated statue after a few seconds after he was killed, like 8 seconds and if the player is killed again for the second time, the respawn time will in increase for about 25%, eg. 1st death=8 seconds respawn time, 2nd=10 sec, 3rd=12.5 sec, and so on.... 3. At the dedicated respawn statue of each side, add something like the Obelisks in Norlant Swamps that would kill the opposing side like for example, a hero in Legion goes near to the respawn statue of Sentinel, he will then be killed instantly by it. It's just to avoid an enemy kill a player right after he respawn. 4. Every player inside the location must have a limited number of deaths, maybe 20 deaths and he will no longer able to use the respawn statue at the location. But he could use a facility on Miracle Shop named "Immortality Scrolls" that will revive him inside, reset his number of deaths and continue to go to war. 5. Add a limit of number of players to reduce or completely avoid lag. 6. And the idea of Exsodus, add an information in the World Chat saying, INFO: has killed 15 players! Somebody take him down!!! (It will only show if a player got a streak of kills without dying). That's my suggestions and thanks in advance for noticing! I'm looking forward to it, devs.
  4. "A pencil maker told his pencils 5 important lessons: First, everything you do will always leave a mark. Second, you can always correct the mistakes you've made. Third, what's important is what is inside you. Fourth, in life, you will undergo painful sharpenings which will make you a better pencil. And lastly, to be the most accurate and best pencil you can be, you must allow yourself to be held and guided by the hand that holds you." "Let God be the one that holds you." O:-) :drinks: :drinks:
  5. "In front of your eyes, it falls from the sky when you just never know what you will find." -from the song "With Me" by Sum41 O:-) dedicated to those players who patiently waited too long for a good reward in kotaravva ;D ;D
  6. That's what I wanted for BDs :crazy:
  7. Change the damage type of Hamstring into "Magical damage" so BD's have to sacrifice some of their stats if they want a Hamstring with high damage.
  8. Anybody tell me what is the HP of a completely nude lvl 20 necro? ;D ;D
  9. thanks for your replies but what set should I get? Full arena set? Or GT Set? Or mix arena+GT set?
  10. I was planning for a PvP-type Shaman and I was wondering if this skill build is good enough against other players----- lvl 3 Ball Lightning lvl 5 Healing Spirit lvl 1 Earth Protection lvl 5 Lightning Blast lvl 3 Earthquake Thanks in advance ;) ;)
  11. :blush: maybe devs just want us to learn about "Teamwork", not 3 warlocks in pt owning 3x3 arena..... with that magic defence implemented in the game, there maybe no more complains about painful magic classes that could easily kite melee classes :pleasantry: :pleasantry:
  12. I could just imagine the world chat flooding with -- "farm elf pm me" :!
  13. what about paladins who uses one-handed mace with astral magic on them? Will they be able to heal using physical damage of their weapon? xD
  14. thanks guys for the replies :) now i know i just have to get used to it
  15. Dear Developers,I noticed something very annoying with "area"-type spells. I have a Warlock and I have noticed then whenever I'm already in a battle and whenever I want to use the spell "Dark circle", after I clicked a point to where I want to cast the spell, why does my character moves first to the point where I casted the spell before casting it successfully? Is it a bug or is it really the way it is? Am I the only one sufferring from this problem? I play on Symbian s60v3.Thanks in advance :)
  16. 5% magic damage from rings is just fair enough. "CASTERS" depend on their "SKILLS" not on their basic attack so don't tell that casters must be like a ranger hitting 700 dmg without using any spell and besides, casters are lucky because their armor sets have magic damage in them while heavy and light armor sets has only defensive and offensive attributes :)
  17. Hello WarSpear newbies! Here's a simple guide for you. Let's begin from the moment you start WarSpear and click on play button. The game will prompt you to create an account or use an existing. Though, you are new to WarSpear just choose Create Account and after that you are now ready to create your character. Now, you should choose your desired faction -- First Born, Chosen, Mountain Clans and Forsaken. After you selected a faction, pick which of the 3 classes that are available on the faction you chose. Pick the class which you think is best for you. You can also check their attributes and skills by clicking on its icon. Then, customize gender, hair color and haircut for your character then click on next. Now, put your desired name (must be unique) for your character and don't forget to chose your game realm below the text box for name before clicking create. You must be ready now to take your first step in Arinar. You should start doing your quest now to level up by interacting to the guy with the symbol "!" and take note to read the quest dialog for you to know what to do to get the quest done. If in case you forgot what to do, just click of Menu>Quests and also you can check map by clicking Menu>Map to know where is the location of the quest or to see if there are more quests. For every 2 level you gained, you will get 1 skill point to upgrade one of your skills. If you're doubting where to distribute skill points, you can check WarSpear's official forum at the Class Discussion section. Whenever you got stuck in a mini-boss or boss quest, you can ask higher level players for help through the world chat and don't forget to say thank you right after you got the help you asked for. There are also quests which gives you free equipments and weapons. If you already got a new equipment or weapon, sell the older one via the dealer. It might be essential to newer players and for you to have some golds to spend if you wanted to buy something or for your repairs. You can also go to arena to gain arena points that can be used to buy arena weapons on the arena shop that can be found on the first town of the map. That's all I can say :) I hope you learn something from my guide for newbies :)
  18. Make the rewards in dungeon to be in equipping parameters as it is being useless. What would a rogue do with a spear? Sell them on Trader Elf NPC and get 680 golds? :facepalm:
  19. Life steal bonus works like this, for example, you bought a pot with 5% life steal bonus and you used it. You have 2000/3000 hp and you hit a mob or monster having 800/800 hp with 200 dmg, then the mob/monster hp will be reduced to 600/800 while your hp became 2010/3000. You will replenish 10 points in your hp in every successful hits you've made on the mob. To get how much points that will replenish in every hit, just multiply your dmg with the percentage of the life steal bonus you have.↲ Eg., 200dmg x 5% = 10 points/hit
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