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  1. Update for level 19 arena belt is enough for me xD
  2. It's working now. Thank you all for your help.
  3. Let me try your method.
  4. philshirn


    Gms should put those players who spam them in permanent ban. They're using that bug in chat continuously. It's so annoying.
  5. No. I was once a member of a guild and everyday I can get free 30 GP and then I left. After one day, I joined another guild and I can't receive that 30 GP. Now, it's been two days ago and I still can't get free GP.
  6. Right after I moved to another guild, why I can't receive my daily free gp eventhough I was online for about 30 mins? Hoping the developers will take any actions to this. Thank you in advance and have a nice day.
  7. My apologies if that was out of topic. I have a question about the Penetration. For example, a DK has a 4k def and I think it can reduce 38% of the incoming damage and a ranger with 8% Penetration hit him. Does that 8% reduces the 4k def making it 3860 or does it reduce the 38% making it 30%? Sorry again if this was out of the topic. I just want to know the logic of Penetration.
  8. I have seen Sign of Imperishability as a reward in Norlant Swamps quest but it's so rare and I think dungeons, bosses may drop them, too. Btw, about the topic, nerfing the percentage of damage increase from amplification would somewhat atleast give chance those low amped players to execute high amped ones. But nerfing the defence percentage is a bad idea. If it will be nerfed, then also reduce the penetration a character can get especially rangers and rogues.
  9. Unbind Scroll is a nice idea and it will be very useful to non-MCoin user. They should include it in Miracle Shop. Thanks for the Runes and Crystals discount AIGRIND
  10. Make a suggestion to make the lvl 20 sets that is acquired in Nadir dungeon in "Equipping" parameters just like the lvl 15 BG sets that we get as rewards in Norlant Swamps. Just like these BG sets, if someone wants the full set, then he have to finish CL quests. And these lvl 20 sets, they could by some parts of it but if they want the full set, then they have to join the guild tournament. What do 'ya think?
  11. Let's quit playing as Necromancer and pick another class to play on Legion side. The reason why we struggle is that we keep on fighting even our hope is lost long time ago.
  12. The point of losing HP while using Bone Shield and Ancient Seal is to stagger so that elves can catch up with the Necromacers and kill them in no time.
  13. It's just what I saw on this game. Necromancers became weak the moment that developers introduced expert skills while other classes got something good that would make their game-play easy while Necromancers, no not only this class but the whole Forsaken faction became a joke on this game.
  14. Before the Expert Skills update, Necromancers = but now, Necromancers =
  15. Thank you for your suggestion. It worked! But I have a new problem regarding the client for Symbian OS. After I got my Necro out of Ayvondil, I go to Norlant Swamps to do quests but after I was teleported to Swamps, the game closed and once again I can't play my Necro. I re-downloaded the client and tried to access my character by I automatically closes. It never happened before this 4.2 update.
  16. Why Death Knights always got shits every update?
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