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    Mercurry reacted to #zakuty in reassess skill rogue "Extermination "   
    this said man who is elfs player and play "balanced" druid
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    Mercurry got a reaction from absalom in [2015.03.12] Beauty contest "Spring 2015" in Warspear Online!   
    Another "Which asain has most facebook friends" contest? Not interested.
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    Mercurry reacted to r0land in [2015.03.12] Beauty contest "Spring 2015" in Warspear Online!   
    Greetings, warriors of Arinar!

    It’s time to announce the second annual beauty contest in Warspear Online world! Last year our contest brought us a lot of joy, so why not start it again and make it a good tradition?

    There will be 3 stages of our contest; after them you will choose your Miss and Mister Warspear Online.
    Runners up will be chosen as Miss Spring Warspear Online and Mister Spring Warspear Online.
    First stage:
    From 12.03 till 29.03 we will be receiving photos from you. Post your photos as single topics in this chapter of our forum. One contestant = one topic.
    Second stage:
    On 30.03 our jury will pick up 5 boys and 5 girls for the finals. Their photos will be posted in a special album on our Facebook page.

    Third stage:
    From 30.03 till 05.04 everyone will be able to vote for the photos of the finalists. The photo that will get the largest number of reposts will get the first prize*.

    *we only count the number of reposts from facebook pages of real people.  

    All winners will be awarded due to the number of reposts on the 6th of April.

    Contest conditions:
    - Your photo should be made right for this contest, not the older one. On every photo there should be Warspear Online logos (symbols, signatures  or something without using photo editor) of any type.  It can be drawn, carved, be a logo on a screen of your phone, or something like this. And there should be no other graphic elements like canvas, designs, patterns etc.

    The contest work should be a PHOTO OF YOURSELF, NOT YOUR GAME CHARACTER!

    - One contestant = one photo of him/her only. Group photos or photos of other people are unacceptable.

    - Any clothes is allowed, which is not against ethics and moral codes.

    - And we will resolve any controversies in our own way. We are the jury after all.

    As a result of your voting on our Facebook page there will be 2 boys and 2 girls who will receive the main prizes:

    Miss Warspear Online 15000 Miracle coins
    Mister Warspear Online 15000 Miracle coins
    Miss Spring 10000 Miracle coins
    Mister Spring 10000 Miracle coins

    Other finalists will receive 4000 Miracle coins as an appreciation of their attempt.

    Good luck to all of you!
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