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    28 June 17 years old
  2. i was trying to login for last 10 minutes then after sometime it says " selected game releam not available"
  3. people calling it bug it may be gm thinking to raise lvl cap again lol
  4. whats this can anyone tell plz
  5. How is this possible??? QUEST - insanity in swamps >> the mc mob followed me till the corner it was hitting me even when i reached the safe place .. i stood in corner for 2 minute but it didn't EVADED ... when I tried to teleport ... I was not able to teleport back ... to zenath-haff (there was no LAG ) ** Look at the mini map -- Red highlighted place (MC AREA) where mob(warlock) was suppose to be and... it kept hitting me even in the elf's area (Green encircled area) Its a BUG ???
  6. after this message game started and now server again down .... why?????
  7. I agree.... many people talk shit in game.. and i know gm can't do anything about it.... once i was using my >> 13 year old
  8. wowie... really nice thought... but players will better understand your project after experiencing it, after the launch of this update...
  9. why you people rising the levels , can't you guys just declare once everything, after every month something new coming....
  10. Better gears for questing >> ARENA SET > GT SET not for pvp !!!
  11. :diablo: what the hell !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! without warning you again stopped the server its unfair ..... :wacko: :wacko: :wacko: atleast tell that you are again stopping server
  12. :( wish nothing wrong happens... afterwards :cray:
  13. :fool: GM I must say you are getting greedy.... now and 3rd expert skill... :shok: look at [/size]rangers now.... who the hell would want to do pvp with them.... :wacko: dead in few seconds or milliseconds
  14. :clapping: VeRy Nice Guide .... I [shadow=red,left]LOVE [/shadow] IT ....
  15. :clapping: WoWiieeee....... ToO mAnyyy Neww UpdAtes..... :drinks: CheeeeErrrRsss tO >> [glow=red,2,300]WaRsPeaR[/glow]
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