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  1. kidzain go ♥♥♥♥ yourself my sis never scammed anyone and will never :facepalm:
  2. Hm if you say, I can't judge cause for me I get this bug "couldn't use skill blablabla". Hope this fix will come fast...
  3. And you saw the 2nd stun they gave to the druids ? With less 20 sec CD ? :facepalm:
  4. No no , only elves got GOOD skills mc got ducked in this update.
  5. Hmm.... I understand that bosses will drop legendary expert skills who'll not avaible in traders. And ppl who'll get it (mostly of the time, riches) will sell it at high price :nea:
  6. Hi, I drawn a costume for warspear and I wanna know If you like or don't like if I should change something or not :blush: His name : [Futur Soldier's Suit] Thank you, Fyull-Y.
  7. My sis is seeing a huge wave on scammer on EU server she's in montain clans side here the list she gave me : -Spamaholics lvl 3 bag full tricks -Evandiolle lvl 3 bag full tricks -Bankito lvl 3 or 4 change kw brig to lvl 12 armor with same pics -Bomerx lvl 20 selling snowman 250 k and put SUMMON snowman in exchange -... Here if you know more add them It will be helpfull because many players got traped and I invite elf to do the same if they're experiencing the same problem. I don't have ss to report them cause my sis .. (she's stupid) then if someone can do it it will be usefull. Hope this post will help players .. Fyull-Y.
  8. Are you really joking ?! 3 week with google play 50% and 0 for paypal ?! Seriously ?!
  9. 180 mcoins for signs when we didn't have 50 % more paypal ? thx :) Advantage all google play payement and paypal user just got a f*ck :clapping: (I'm paypal user)
  10. When I ddl for linux I got warspear.. 3.10 :facepalm: PS: Btw great update I like the new equipment display :clapping:
  11. +1 :clapping: My sis have to kill some noob who call her "noob" :pleasantry:
  12. Some good idea here I thoug about a new class with gun or a new tank with shield and spear :blush:
  13. If I follow your logic that mean cape can be available only for those who expand many money in game ? That it ? Then that mean cape is avaible only for rich and for me I don't agree this aspect of warspear but I think rich don't care about my thinks xD
  14. "Buy stanimna elixir" ? Excuse me but all people aren't rich like you..
  15. MC : Cave up legion camp - Graybeard
  16. This event is shiit :facepalm: ==> I agree..
  17. I open this large topic to ask you about a new faction that we could add to the game ;) Is it a good idea ? Have you some idea ? Should we talk about this to the devs ? Please, no kid reply I just had an idea and I want to share it.
  18. Bring me back my Great Gladiator Elixir that I lost by your fault .. thx. :blush:
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