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    meandyou reacted to Daria in [2017.04.21] Update Warspear Online 6.5: Gladiators of Arinar. Preview.   
    The Warspear Online 6.5 update is coming and will be released already next week to bring many pleasant changes to the game. Follow our news because this update and upcoming Guild Castles won't be the only surprises in the near future!
    This update will bring the opportunity of getting gold from killed monsters, changes in craft system, including the option of the instant change of a rare craft job, new arena maps and items at arena suppliers, as well as something completely unexpected that will be revealed on the release day!
    The Arena Suppliers will offer you new items, including equipment and weapons of level 25, as well as Gladiator's chest that may contain minions with PvP bonuses, new expert PvP skills, unique costumes and many more!
    There are also two new maps for the Temple of seals arena mode from the winners of the recent contest. Defeat your enemies on more locations in the 14th Arena season!

    Gold dropping from killed monsters
    The time has come when after killing monsters you may get not only skins and goo, but also gold. No need to extend your bag anymore and constantly visit merchants! Gold may drop from normal (), strong () and elite () monsters. The chance of getting gold from elite monsters is higher than from strong monsters and much higher than from normal monsters.
    When you take gold from monsters, it doesn't go to your bag, it just automatically changes the amount of currency that a players has.
    The amount of gold depends on:
    - the level of a monster
    - the difference in levels between you and a monster
    - and a bit on the favor of randomness
    If the player's level is higher that the monster's by 5 and more, he won't get any gold.
    For players who are in a group and on one location, the amount of gold changes depending on the group size and on a player with the highest level. It is more profitable to farm gold in groups of 5 players of the same level than solo and much more profitable than in groups of 2-4 players!
    Attention! If the difference between the highest and the lowest levels of players in one group is more than 5, none of players will get any gold.
    After this update you will get the opportunity to see the whole list of all available rare craft jobs in each profession, and, most important, choose and start the necessary rare craft job at any time!
    Three legendary achievements on mastering craft professions will be added:
    Defensive master - mastering all professions of the Armour group up to level 20
    Battle Creator - mastering all profession of the Weapon group up to level 20
    Demiurge Decorator - mastering all profession of the Accessories group up to level 20
    Moreover, the maximum level of all craft professions will be increased to 20! There will be added rare and unique items of level 26 in all categories. It's high time to craft something!
    By the way, the Certified blacksmith/carpenter/currier/gunsmith/jeweler/ring-twister/sewer/tailor achievements will be updated, now you have to reach level 20 (instead of level 18) to get them.
    That is all for now, more details will be revealed on the release day.
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    meandyou reacted to Daria in [2017.04.21] Update Warspear Online 6.5: Gladiators of Arinar. Preview.   
    Look what we've got here!
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