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  1. Cool idea! Maybe they would work with accounts so if you get a message, all your characters would see it (mc/elf communicating together)
  2. I saw you asking for some ideas for videos: -Dungeon runs little sped up -Pvp/arena duh -Leveling new char maybe..? (Like little updates every so often on how you made progress and what items you've brought for him) -Swamp reward compilations
  3. If you use cheat engine on warspear to speed up your char it only shows on screen but not on server > it's a glitch My friend is a cheat engine god;) I have no idea how he was able to do it but it was hilarious to see the char fly through the screen with 5x speed Story - Warspear (a weapon)
  4. Probably an awesome person Would you like to replace your hand with a mechanical one, like Luke Skywalker
  5. Fact #50 As far as I know in game there is no such thing as The Warspear nor the pieces of it which should be scattered around the world
  6. I don't think I need to answer Do you like apple products?
  7. ehm some one forgot words... Music - Lights
  8. 3/5 chains is the golden... Close enough for shatters to work, but far enough against melees
  9. The duct tape you forgot on top of the cooling system preventing the heat from escaping? You could use it to heat your meals Why is there 8 old laptops in my room xd
  10. GGG always so cheering, but i must say nothing wins good old rage comics Do you use 9gag?
  11. Maybe the skill i described earlier should be merged to warp
  12. Nah we got blazing ground
  13. You didnt feel like talking about youtube Do you use google+?
  14. I play minecraft on my computer and a new game called bloons monkey city on my mobile... Do you watch the ws videos people put on youtube?
  15. To be the very best, like no one ever was to catch them is my real test To train them is my cause I will travel across the land searching far and wide Each pokemon to understand The power that's inside I wont do anymore But yeah... Do you like pokemon? And can you play the card game?
  16. Well I can't say I know a lot about this, but to find a 10 char password, you would need a damn lot of time and a beast computer Even a 7 char password is so hard to guess that an average computer won't be able to do it in a short time
  17. As a mage the point is not to stand against many hits, but try to kill everything before they touch you Of course 80% of times it wont work
  18. There's no wrong answers in this game;) As a child I had a rug with all the letters of the alphabet on it Happy tree - friend
  19. Doctors have the most unpredictable questions Dart - Dragon
  20. DK is actually pretty good with all the attack buffs: exha + silence + 3 yard range But bd's probably still win in most battles
  21. ninjamato

    Mage combo

    It's not about frame lag, but server lag. The client and server won't sync so the client sees you one yard further than what you actually are on the server...
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