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  1. Would be cool but let's start with movable 3rd person camera Should aigrind improve ws on computer to a full mmorpg with the cost of less updates as far as ayvondil and game mechanics are concerned
  2. Parry - I don't think there's anything to describe *-*
  3. ninjamato


    Depends on situation I still think full stun works better in pvp
  4. ninjamato


    against priest and necro, yeah Against druids and shamans? Maybe, but a bit tricky so would be hard with more than 2 people involved
  5. I think pala is the best class in 3v3 It's also probably the most useful one as a damage dealing healer tank
  6. For mages I think dragon eye is pretty good BD ham duh:P Barb what about defeat Like 2k dmg with out crit Rogue stealth is the best skill in game I think Shaman heal Necro nightmares lasts 8 secs Everything else i agree with Noso
  7. ninjamato


    In 4.9 grimoire at lvl5 reduces magic def by 70% and physical def by 60% Guys I think it might be time to level up your grimoire for nuking bosses
  8. Yeah but it should be equally op against everyone!
  9. Great ideas for overload Maybe dragon eye should be left like it is... Rogues still need a change to surprise the enemy. With dragon eye working immediately, mages would be so op rogue killers, there wouldn't be point doing arena without a mage because they work good against casters, melees and op with dealing rogues
  10. He eats x bananas (x=9!*0) Do you like chocolate (I don't feel like asking a proper Q)
  11. It's really hard to personalize your class with expert skills when you can get all of them simultaneously if you have the money... Please come up with new ones so the personalizing will not be an illusion of choice
  12. On average gun is better but sword is more awesome As I don't have a need for weapon, I would say a sword Omg zayn left!! What do we do!?!?!?!?
  13. US-sapphire, because it's prizes have been decent lately [gif] or [jif]?
  14. Actually I do... His name is F4buloz and I like to cuddle with him... I lost my number, can I get yours?
  15. Math... I like problem solving Sports or music?
  16. Yeah my bad xD I meant ethereal threat
  17. Iiromato I bet you wanted to know that What kind of music you listen to? Also what is your favorite song
  18. Ummm... Well here's a list of some good ones: Zanmato, Obluntz, Icecube, Hassn Don't ask me why, just because Do you have any hobbies?
  19. Ruberius. Broken key - Spotify
  20. What would happen with ethereal barrier 4/4 + scatter 5/5? Certain run to your death or nothing? Because that would be op on 2v2 Just a random shower thought, if you know the answer please tell me
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