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  1. Ehm... The change of getting one like that would be next to nothing as the rarest weapon (lords set I think, example lords waraxe) in game already is hard enough to get. Also they are already strong enough, so there isn't really point making these
  2. How many % magic dmg def you have? Like 75% or what?
  3. What about necros? They have 100% working stun + skill doing dmg and increasing dmg taken by other attacks + 2 dmg skills And they all are aoe Then u have pool and dark circle And quake and totem and ricochet and death call and roar Let's be honest: Elves only win because of the amount of them
  4. The license only works when gathering materials
  5. Recently aigrind has made heroes rely on their skills more and more... I don't think it is a good idea to make people use less skills
  6. Yeah I think even barbs could get over 3k crits now...
  7. Tell me how good infection doesn't burn through elves... Unpopular opinion here: necros better at war than wlocks I wonder if fateful connection would actually work in battles for territories? Certainly better than banner atleast
  8. Nah that's a priest skill
  9. ikr But the priest probably has lvl4 aura and lvl5 armistice and add that to lvl4 banner... So yeah it adds like 100% dmg
  10. 31515 11411 is full stun cycle
  11. Priest aura? Im pretty sure it only enchants your attack? But also remember guild buffs
  12. ninjamato

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    with beautiful eyes. (Thank you Nestly )
  13. Well this is a huge area to cover but here's some Name (level I suggest for the skill) -Ball lightning (1/3) Some like to level. I don't think it's worth it -Heal (5) A must have -Earth protection (1/3/5) With 50% def at level 5 maybe I should level it? Haven't yet though -Blind (3/5) Blind good in pvp and arena -Quake (1/3/5) Quake quite buggy but also works in farm as well as arena -Shield (1/3) Good damage, not necessary -Totem (1/3) Good damage, not necessary -Ancestors hand (1) lvl1 does perfectly fine -Tribe's ritual (don't know) Maybe it's good in 2v2 arena with a lock? -Energy field (1/maybe 3 don't really know) Most chars should have a good enough energy regen by level 18? These are my thoughts
  14. yes indeed it is possible Sadly barb war cry gives the same buff as barkskin
  15. ninjamato

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    came (Maybe these posts should be longer for easier reading and having greater effect to the plot)
  16. Well in 4.9 update many classes excluding bd got their skills boosted quite a lot BD is strong not op
  17. With the criteria you give for "op class" any class will be op. Omg lock can get full stun OP!!! Omg barb can get highest def OP!!! Omg ranger highest dmg OP!!!! Every class is good at something
  18. The 1% extra isn't worth 17 energy lol
  19. It's a game changer for tournaments so devs should be careful if they add this But maybe it would indeed add some wars
  20. Would there be a way to prevent farming this? (By 2 guilds from different factions willing to get killed by the other guild. even if you would get 1 gp/kill it would be easy to get quite large amounts of gp with pot)
  21. So is there someone making a mage guide? I would love to help Just too lazy to make one on my own
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