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  1. at the moment barbarian is average... With good luck u can win in pvp. Atleast they made charge work more often
  2. wew, but doesn't anyone else think that the 1h melee weapon skins are too big? The dagger is like a sword and the sword skin looks like a shovel
  3. Guys the mage stun isn't supposed to be anything good... Mages shouldn't do pvp with hoping that the stun works. It's more like lvl1 blessing working: U don't thinks it's going to happen but if it does, it may help a bit.
  4. ninjamato


    I think warlock is really good but it's hard to describe what you should do in any situation in pvp... Everybody has their own skill combinations and moves... but i have lvl14 warlock and i have skills 3 1 4 4 1 it's really good for 3v3 crowd control altough if u get rooted or hamstring u have hard time to get distance back... Versus bd just use pool and exha and RUN!!!! I think really good class for 3v3 or 5v5
  5. I do like the idea... Some balancing is really needed tho... btw has aigrind told when the level cap is going to get higher again?
  6. Or make necro revive corpses into minions skills it uses would depend on the class it "revives"... like barbarian corpse would use strong blow and roar, bd flash strike and sap ect.
  7. I think it's good that aigrind added some support skills... As there's no such thing as 1v1 in game - You shouldn't be crying about how useless it is in 1v1. What if you get yourself motivated and got out of the pvp cave and did 2v2 arena or something
  8. Nice idea... Maybe you should make the game tell who has done most dmg every 10 minute or something Only paladins and necros there on the top. And I really liked the idea that there would be some kind of message if someone gets on a 20kill rampage
  9. I really do like this idea... At lvl20 you would choose the class that changes your basic skills - would add even more customization
  10. 3 aoe expert skills they just kill nightmare, nothing else
  11. Nice :shok: could u put a ss to show how the skill looks like
  12. People who are complaining about the lack of skill points: This is not pokemon - You don't need to catch 'em all. The new skills are for you to make your class suit your play so don't buy each and everyone of them just the ones you use ;) That way you don't need to use as much money and skill points.
  13. Nice! :good: Queston: Can barbarians only use new skill w/ shield? Or can it be used with 2h weps?
  14. I think it's kind of hard to get in the new dungeons this way :( Also in some guilds there might be a couple of players who are really active but they cant get to top because rest of the guild isn't really doing anything... Imo would be better if you would need to make x amount of gp to get to the dungeons ;D But i guess this is supposed to be a "guild dungeon" type thing that is supposed to be done with the rest of ur guild...
  15. ninjamato

    Scammed my priest

    never tell you pass or email to anyone :facepalm:
  16. I got this wild idea! This skill is for druid and allows him to transform into a wolf. As a wolf, druid deals mixed dmg from physical and moon. The dmg and hp goes along with the skill level. Skill should be called wolfs wrath or something ;D
  17. warlock and shaman :dirol: they are just op together: Lock just uses dark circle to stun enemies and does some damage, after the dark circle disappears, shaman uses earth quake, after it they both use stun and after that wlock can use dark circle again
  18. Against melee classes splash, exhaust and arrow are really good because they keep stopping because of damage, i'd say even better than stun because they h ave lower cooldown, and do a lot of damage. Atleast on lvl10 arena it works ;D some people say stun is better but not sure :clapping:
  19. im 25. on lvl 10 arena on Eu-Emerald with my lvl 10 wlock iiromato, but im too lazy to go in warspear to take screenshot :snorlax:
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