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  1. Soon also a change in heaven's Powers: Increases the character's maximum health 12%/15%/18%/21%, as well as the "Block" parameter 2%/4%/6%/8% if a shield is equipped, and the "Penetrating Ability" parameter 6%/8%/10%/12% if a staff is equipped. Change: Increases the character's maximum health 12%/15%/18%/21%, as well as the "Block" parameter 2%/4%/6%/8% , and the "Penetrating Ability" parameter 6%/8%/10%/12% (you no longer have shield or staff requirement to obtain blocking or penetration, the skill provides both)
  2. Grace's change is very good, it improves templars in pve which continues to be its biggest problem, being almost marginalized by other players
  3. In the new update with the arrival of the bracelets, the resistance percentage has increased much more, for templar it was already a problem that users with 8%-10% resistance , very easy to resist the attacks of the templar, my suggestion is a passive that increases the number of hits to the control skills, since for pve it is still useless And in pvp it has no relevance except for gvg, which serves a little more for its stun aoe like the warlock, they should also make Grace increase crit and penetration that will help greatly for pve
  4. This type of character with the new update is capable of tanking and resisting a group of players, his resistance skill is very broken , it has exaggerated damage, can kill you very quickly if you have basic pvp equipment or full greatness, they only need activate resist skill to tank and kill you with a combo, that takes away the essence of pvp, resistance, heal and his op dmg are a very big problem.
  5. The reaper is a class with very exaggerated damage, it is capable of hitting 6k-8k to many pvp players, you cannot pvp them even if you are full greatness, they will kill you in a combo.
  6. How is it possible a reaper with +8/+9 pvp weapons can hit +8k damage that is absurd, look on Youtube the same reapers users put up the tests, His beast mode is absurdly very broken, I've seen full greatness players get killed by reapers with +6k/7k hit, nerfed elf for damage reasons, They resist so much and have a good life that they are almost wardens, Very unfair , but staff do nothing to balance reapers and chieft , I am very much hoping that you will read and be able to take action on the matter.
  7. Some mc classes need balance, reaper kills you with a combo even if you are full greatness, that takes experience away from the game, the chief has almost infinite resistance and It has a combo that kills you in seconds
  8. please, you need to balance mc side, reaper can kill easy wd, chief to much resist and its damage is excessive and warlock stun in area too broken, with a skill that removes more than half of your life
  9. Very good update, but first they should do something with the stun from hunters, Dk and warlocks, additional shaman's shield, and reaper damage (capable of one shot wd or barbarian)
  10. That's easily avoided by not walking into the vortex, and it's easily resisted with so little resistance parameter.
  11. I don't know what you're talking about bro, warlocks are much more useful in war and gvg, they have an insane area stun, they can silence and they have good dmg skills, warlocks on your server maybe they don't know how to use.
  12. It's true that the shaman's shield is very broken, in my experience and having full magic defense lowers me to half my life only with that skill, devs take it into consideration, Especially those shamans with orci and octo books, they are untouchable and should pretty much only spam shield.
  13. That kind of skill wasn't supposed to do damage to the flag, like mage or paladin skills, but are doing dmg , Let's hope they fix it soon, because these wars don't seem like wars, just wars of ls by mc.
  14. That bug has recently been seen by that update, and it's starting to be exploited by necro users. They only have to use life scrolls and use the acid ability, on the elf side they no longer have any similar ability to be used as the necro, it creates quite a disadvantage. Only one wave and 3 necro are enough to lower almost half the life of the flag, while elf has to Focus flag and try to hit it, unlike necro they don't even need look for her. Thank you very much for your attention, you make a great team Warspear.
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