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  1. 1x1 is needed almost everywhere , even when you're on farm , what if an elf or mc disturbs you and you can't do nothing because his class overwhelms yours
  2. It is useful (except on mages) charmer hold any1 enough to summon everything on his head) , and the person waste some good time killing everyone of them if his class doesn't have AoE skills
  3. I never said anything about locks being op because it need skill to play as one , but charmer it's just too broken that i would need to create a mage or barb just to kill some , staff range using mace on any charmer skills overwhelms any class without immunity
  4. I kill easily charmers of my lv , but lv 22+ are just impossible to touch , ignorance is a blessing that not everyone deserve to use
  5. Since when the game updated , it really give me creeps how absurd a charmer with significant cooldown can do , simply broken , skill with high duration stun , and 2 mores at experts where you can do nothing but watch , no matter which class , i don't even question the summons cuz' they're parte of the class , i just like them But i really suggest that something must be done about the high duration of the base skill 's stun . It's shameful that no one can combo an average charmer w cooldown The worst part is that it really don't require knowledge to use them xD just wait the skills recharge
  6. What's the point in crit in poison ? Really xD it makes no sense at all I would suggest its removal :[ but illusive jump was nerfed Leave your opinions let's discuss it
  7. I agree . It should motivate some players to lv up xD i don't wanna see any low lv at irselnort anymore
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