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  1. Ola amigo, o modelo da silhueta do seu personagem é um pouco diferente do modelo usado no jogo, irei enviar um arquivo para que você faça uma comparação caso queira mudar sinta-se livre para usar a imagem enviada como base para seu traje . espero ter ajudado.
  2. Illusions Garden Deceiver CHARACTERISTICS Race: Unknown Origin: Unknown Skills: Vivid illusion magic If any changes are necessary to add the costume to the game, there will be no problem.
  3. da uma olhada no clip da música eu tô invisível do pepi damrock kkkkkk
  4. So is this what could happen? Do you think all players can bring alts? What about combat against players during the boss raid? Do you really think there will be any alts left in the area? What if there's leftovers? How will this affect your life? Is having the same chance of drops as other players really that harmful? You are exaggerating your concern my friend until it seems like you are gaining something with the current system.
  5. Ok friend, tell me how do you farm if you make an effort when you can't die and have to be in constant combat against the boss? Can you understand or are you just pretending not to understand? Will changing this mechanic be that impactful? Or do you just not want to miss out on making a profit at the auction? which by the way is not even part of the game because you are exaggerating a lot in your words, because as I said myself about 5 times, the boss hunt will become much more competitive if you increase the number of people who can have the chance to drop, and you are saying that it will be the opposite ? but based on what arguments?
  6. The player must be alive at the time of the boss's death The player must have dealt at least 1000 damage to the boss The Player must be in combat with the boss during the boss's death Apparently you don't even want to read or understand my idea since the "Flaws" you mentioned are fully resolved with the 3 conditions to have the chance to receive the withdrawal, I'm open to bad discussions but I don't intend to repeat something that has already been explained on topic The player will receive loot based on luck, as it should be. There will be pvp There will be more players There will be more fun and no guild will monopolize the Boss and you said that any purchase made within the game is considered a risk, right? But the boss's gold is divided between several players, which makes the risk even greater.
  7. If you like to exclude players who don't belong to a guild then you're right, I've seen that you must be an auction organizer and that's why you're saying this since so far you haven't presented a single flaw in my suggestion
  8. you didn't quite understand my idea First doubt What if a malicious player buys the book with gold from selling miracle shop items and refunds them later? explanation for the second question with the new system I suggested that PvP will not decrease!! will increase!! Any player will have the chance to get the loot and this will increase the number of players with guilds and without guilds, strong and weak I'm waiting for a valid question.
  9. Currently the bose raid drop system is a little unfair, because of this the factions organize an auction to sell the drop and divide the gold from the sale among the participants in the boss's death. But this system has flaws, because malicious players can take advantage of this to make several players have their accounts banned the solution would be to change the boss raid drop system Suggestion: All players participating in the raid boss death would have the same drop chance, with the boss drop limit set at 01 To have a chance to drop, players would have to meet the following requirements: 01 Deal more than 1,000 damage to the boss 02 being in combat against the boss during the moment of his death 03 being alive during the boss's death the player who would receive the possible serious drop selected at random this system will only change the mechanics that allow only stronger players to get the drop With this change, players would go on the boss hunt without requiring any organization on the part of the players, everyone would have the same chance of dropping and because of this condition the number of participating players would be much greater, the battles to fight for the bosses would be more frequent and finally the fun would be guaranteed. Feel free to disagree with the suggestion but present the flaws in this system, only then can I understand your point of view.
  10. 100xp


    sim, sempre que um iniciante me pergunta uma classe boa pra jogar eu recomendo na legião o encantador e nos sentinelas o Invocador de feras
  11. 100xp


    infelizmente isso não é tão fácil assim.. antigamente tinha players de nível superior que ajudavam os iniciantes más isso vem se tornando cada vez mais raro, os iniciantes pedem ajuda no chat e os jogadores ignora a mensagem eu gostaria muito que os jogadores iniciantes fossem menos dependente dos outros jogadores
  12. Alguém sabe como liberar memória aqui do fórum? Ja compartilhei tantos arquivos de mídia que não consigo mais compartilhar, a memória do perfil do fórum está cheia
  13. The new Absolute Reflexes Skill is working very well, it doesn't need any new changes, the Rogue needs healing Skills, currently he is very dependent on vampirism and as we all know here, vampirism becomes useless when your character is under the effect of Skills of control my suggestion is to make him heal based on the poison damage. example: The rogue's next successful attack will poison his enemy for 12s, the poison deals damage based on 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% of the character's physical damage every 3s the character heals for 100% of the damage dealt.
  14. Уже долгое время Алхимические Кузнецы сражаются с Проклятиями Бездны, сегодня битва начинается снова. но только вы определите победителя!! АЛХИМИЧЕСКИЙ ФАЛЬШИФЕР Алхимические фальсификаторы — алхимики, достигшие максимальной мощности алхимии, они способны трансмутировать материю и манипулировать ею. ПРОКЛЯТЫЙ ФАЛЬШИФЕР Проклятия Бездны — это существа, способные контролировать разум своего хозяина и даже способные общаться и использовать магию через своих хозяев.
  15. For a long time, Alchemical Forgers have been fighting against the Curses of the Abyss, today the battle begins once again. but only you will decide the winner!! ALCHEMICAL FORGER Alchemical Forgers are alchemists who have reached the maximum power of alchemy, they are capable of transmuting and manipulating matter. CURSED FORGER The Curses of the Abyss are creatures that have the ability to control their host's mind, even becoming capable of communicating and using magic through their hosts.
  16. RETALIATION Changed Skill mechanics, the skill effect is now applied around the character, (before the skill was applied to a selected area) Sugestão Applies the negative effect Retaliation to all enemies within 1 meter of the character, for 12s, enemies under the negative effect Retaliation receive 20 / 30 / 40 / 50 % of the damage caused to the character. Considerable reduction in reflected damage Skill damage now ignores dodge, block and parry parameters the talent that increases the power of the skill effect will now only increase by 5%, previously increased by 7% Currently this Skill is unable to make an impact in battle When using this Skill we face the following obstacles, because of visual bugs it is not possible to determine the exact location of your opponent, the enemy can resist the application of the debuff, the enemy can parry, block and dodge the damage of the Skill, and if the opponent If you don't hit yourself, the Skill will not reflect damage. my suggestion is to reduce the reflected damage and make the Skill damage ignore the dodge, block and parry parameters and change the effect application mechanic to make the Skill easier to use.
  17. o cara joga Druida... uma classe suporte que usa armadura de tecido reclama porque não consegue matar um Charmer... uma classe focada em dano e controle de área meu amigo se você quer matar não seria melhor criar um personagem que seja focado em dano?
  18. 100xp

    The victorious

    the Curse Purger costume won the battle, and as a result I created a female version of it.
  19. Костюм «Очиститель проклятий» выиграл битву и в результате получил женский вариант.
  20. Dead man's knowledge when using mace Increases magic damage by 10/15/20/25% based on the character's physical power for 20s whenever the character takes 10% damage based on their maximum health, while the character equips a one-handed mace, when using personal Increases penetration by 5/10/15/20% for 20s whenever the character performs a critical heal. while the character equips a staff.
  21. Not just on a whim am I asking for a visual update on the necromancer skeletons The appearance and animations of Skills that make characters more visually pleasing, this helps the character's popularity and consequently attracts more players. As we can see in the image below, it even looks like the skeletons are from a totally different game
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