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  1. No estaría mal si se pudiera desvincular algunos objetos de manera más fácil ya que la primera vez que desvinculas un objeto cuesta solo 1 moneda milagrosa pero después te cobran casi 500 monenas y no sería algo bueno ya que no todos los usuarios tienen esa cantidad y simplemente al ver que un objeto o armadura la venden en la tienda de cualquier parte del mapa Otra sería los trajes. es una lastima tener un traje y ponérselo a otro ya es difícil ya que toca comprarlo de nuevo o muchas veces no puedes ya que no lo venden o es difícil de conseguir Debería haber una forma de desvincular trajes también Podría ser de mucha ayuda en el comercio
  2. Hi, I'm a warspear player. Today I wanted to talk about the state of the arena It hasn't happened to them that when they go to fight in the case of lv6 or lv10 they get people with maximum equipment for pvp and they kill you easily then I had an idea about those fights Why don't they accommodate the damage level and equipment of users Because of that many pvp winners beat newcomers very easily and will always come out on top while newcomers just fall behind. So I wanted to propose something that allows players a kind of bar that indicates the type of damage and level to the players so that the arena has a type of battle at the same level Since it always happens that it only has a little damage and suddenly someone super equipped appears and kills you in one hit and I don't think that's fun since arias who are interested in pvp are bored
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