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        Astral Labyrinth is the place where you level your character from 18 lvl to 20 lvl. Many players will agree, that Astral Labyrinth is a good place to master your skills, learn, obtain good drops and become stronger. Though, it's also a place, where death awaits on every corner. How to find the ways? How to survive? How to become the master of Astral Labyrinth? These and other questions are answered in this Labyrinth guide for every player.

    Party must contain:
    1 x tank ( Paladin, Deathknight, Barbarian, Bladedancer(not highly reccomended but still works))
    2 x active healers (Necromancers and Priests)
    1 or 2 x Passive healers (Shamans and Druids. NOTE : For best results go with 2 passive healers)
    1 x Dps ( Mage , Warlock, Ranger, Rogue. NOTE: In this slot a second Passive healer is reccomended, but if you trust your Active healers and your skills you can go with 1 x Dps)

    Pets :

    Tank - Uses Merman to increase the heal of Active Healers with Merman's aura and by using the Merman's heal makes it easier for the Healers. Rest of party can use : Blood Reaper, Lycanthrope's Ghost, Pumpkin Guard,Woodhead. Other pets are not reccomended either because : They use skills that attract the enemy's attention, such as Agressor They are Support pets They use Damage Surround skills, such as Fetters of Justice or Stone Shatter Equipement :

    Tank - Uses Physical Defense set until Boss 3 zone and on non-magical damage bosses. After Boss 3 zone the tank should change to Dark Defence set ( also known as DD set ). Also, uses 1h weapon and a shield ( Bladedancers use Swords )
    Active healers - Use Heal sets : either Star Piligrim's Heal set or any kind of set that has astral power on it. NOTE: For best results I suggest using the Star Piligrim's astral set.
    Passive healers - If there are 2 Passive healers, 1 can use Dark Defence damage set, the other can use either Star Piligrim's damage set, or any set of armors that has Moon power on it. NOTE: For best results I reccomend using the Star Piligrim's Moon / Astral sets.
    Dps - Dark Defence damage sets.

    On the way!

      Once party is on the move, there is no turning back. The basic rules, how to progress through the Labyrinth: Kill The Parasites - this is the 1# rule in Labyrinth. The parasite does very minor damage, however it's attack speed is very big, causing you to slow down dramatically, which means mobs can hit you longer. The parasite itself has only 400 Hitpoints, so you can kill it in 1 - 2 hits, causing no problems.       Healers, Keep healing! - obviously, healers must heal the tank. If one healer makes a mistake - the whole party can die! Keep your cool and concentrate - If you accidentally press on a mob, the whole group will attack you, and if the healers won't react quick enough, you will be in a very dangerous situation while having no support. Help the tank - If you see that the tank is having a hard time getting away from those mobs, attract their attention and make the mobs evade by chasing you. NOTE: Inform the healers about your actions - if you will be too close to the monsters, they will attack you and in these situations a heal or a shield is always good. Stay in a group - Don't spread out, wait for eachother. Astral Labyrinth is a dangerous place so you must watch eachother's back. Communicate - Always arrange who will be tanking a boss, ask for a heal if you need one.
    Boss Hunting:

    Each boss has different techniques of hunting. Though, there are some main rules that apply to all of them: The one who is tanking the boss doesn't tank all the mobs - attract other mobs attention and help the tank survive. Healers, still healing! - Keep on healing 8) The tank is usually at the furthest place from the centre - This rule makes the half of the Boss' mobs evade.

    However, some Bosses have special ways of hunting.


      Getting to Khaz-Maar isn't simple. You have to go through the location Oko-Shaar. Go through the left crossing and kill all the mobs there. Then, one member of the party lures the boss and all its mobs out, and the party goes up to the left side, where is a group of slaves. The whole party then stands on 2 spaces directly above them, and kills all the slaves EXCEPT the slave that spawns nearest to them and the parasite (NOTE: You can let the parasite live, but you will not be able to use skills on Khaz-Maar and there will be a smaller room for mistakes). The one who lured the boss joins his mates by avoiding Boss mobs or the party attractts Khaz-Maar's attention letting him to come to the hunt spot more safely. Now, 1x tanks Slave, 1x tanks Bewitched, and 1x tanks eye and another Bewithced. Now, you mustn't move from those 2 spots, because Slaves will attack you. Healers heal, the hunt proceeds, Khaz-Maar is killed. Evade 1x Bewitched, kill the other one. Collect your drop and repeat.

    Getting to Oko-Shaar is the same as to Khaz-Maar, but here, you have two choices: left or right.
    Left: Hunting Red Eye from the left corner is easier than hunting from right. You don't have to tank the parasite, you have more room to move around and the party only needs to tank 1x slave and Oko-Shaar. Eye's tank is steadily doing damage, meanwhile another party member evades Bewitched mobs. When they come, he attracts their attention, then moves to the left and makes the mobs evade. Again, once killed, kill the slaves and collect drop, repeat.

    Right: Hunting from right is more difficult. 1 x tank slave, 1 x tank Bewitched, 1 x tank Eye. There is less room for mistakes, but still quite easy to kill. Once again, when Oko-Shaar is killed, kill the slaves.


    Hunting Medusa is quite tricky. 1 x tanks the Medusa, while standing 1 slot away from the furthest spot. 1 Passive and 1 Active healers help him. On the right, another tank supported by a healer is killing the mobs spawning in this area.

    Echidina :

    Basically, you go in there, target the boss, run to the side and kill every monster which is attacking you. No techniques here, just run n' gun. NOTE: This boss requires two parties, due to monsters' high damage and quantity.

    Blazing Anax :
    When you get there, stop. Kill the mob group on your left, then kill the mob group below. Stand to your left and 1 party member must  lure Anax. He stands in the spot, where the monsters below won't reach, but Anax does not evade. You get the kill, kill the mobs below and get the drop. Repeat.
    NOTE: This is Cute's screenshot, he allowed me to use it.

    Astral Labyrinth Map
    NOTE: Map by Rogalik (tried to make my own but mine looke so looked terrible  :bad: )

    Drops :

          If the hunt is succesfull, you'll probably get drops. Each boss drops : (Messenger's archon/Herald's Tetrach) drops Star Piligrim's belts, Star Piligrims boots. (Scarab's Empress/Scorpion's Matriarch) drops Desert Wanderer's Helms, Gloves and Armors. (Powerful Tortuter/Chief Executor) drops Abbys Zealot's Capes, Rings and Weaponry. (Stranger's Senator/Alien's Consul) drops 18 lvl Amulets. (Echidina) drops 18 lvl Gloves. (Medusa) drops 18 lvl Helmets. (Blazing Anax) drops 18 lvl Boots. (Oko-Shaar) drops 18 lvl Armors. (Khazh-Maar) drops 18 lvl Sudden Doom Weaponry. Questing : 
        At level 18, you unlock the first 3 Labyrinth quests for killing bosses, at level 19 you unlock the rest. The following awards for completing them are: Boss 1 quest completion award: 16 experience,220 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 2 quest completion award: 18 experience,240 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 3 quest completion award: 20 experience,260 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 4 quest completion award: 22 experience,280 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 5 quest completion award: 24 experience,300 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 6 quest completion award: 26 experience,300 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth. Boss 7 quest completion award: 28 experience,300 gold,40 Guild Points,2pcs Healing potion from Labyrinth.   Long story short, by completing all Labyrinth quests you get 1900 gold,280 Guild Points, 14 Healing Potions from Labyrinth.

    Thank you for reading :drinks: 
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