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  1. You become a dumbass because you wasted 4 skill points on the worst skill
  2. Buy gt hood Mc side Eu Private message me in forum
  3. But what if you're browsing on another computer?
  4. I smell I missed something and that this post is a suggestion for a feature already available :crazy: :facepalm:
  5. Dear devs In forum, when I find a topic I like and that I think would help me in the future, I can't save it somewhere so that I could find it again. I have to make Screenshots of that topic or save the link in my computer/phone/tablet. That's very unpractical and I'm sure many players will agree. My suggestion is that you would make a "favorite topic" option to our forum so that when you favorite a topic, you can see it in your favorite list. It's a really minor work demanding job for you to do this option and I'm sure it would really help me and other forum users.
  6. Poor people who bough caskets for 245 when today it's 200 :rofl:
  7. The only thing broken in Warspear is the community.
  8. Or 1 friend goes near caravan and other set statue in caravan and lets his friend kill him. That's like 1 kill in 10seconds = 6 CC per minute so you get 360 CC after 1 hour of farming. NO FOR REWARDS
  9. 1 dude logs in as a naked elf, sets statue in caravan. Another dude logs in as a mc and goes somewhere close to caravan = Endless farming. I'd like to suggest a feature, that you could see stats how many enemy faction players you have killed.
  10. If each enemy kill would be awarded, there would be A LOT of farmers with friends in enemy faction.
  11. Smilga

    Our video

    Here's our video for the contest "Campfire Tales". Authors: Memedroid Poetas Cuterogue Grandson Tiranozaur EU EMERALD Music: Music Junkies - Brutal Revolution Benny Hill theme song. Date of Creation: 2014-01-16 Good luck everyone. :drinks:
  12. Hmm who said I'd use it? They'd still be useless even if they'd add 10 %, because you lose many bonuses wearing them....Get good? You mean +10 Crit enchant and spam arena tickets? That's not what "being good" means.
  13. Thank you for your positive comments ;)
  14. Hey, I know It's an old topic, but which set would you reccomend to me if I asked you to choose between GT + arena mix or Arena full?
  15. I got my wlock 2072hp in 14lvl.... Don't use dark % rings, they're a waste. Use imperishable signets. I could tell you my 14 lvl set... But it's a CIA secret 8)
  16. Well, not grammatical mistakes, but a fluent English speech is missing. Don't worry, this shouldn't affect your Guide's rating.
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