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  1. 1 min later you'll be looking for a blue field "On Statue"
  2. Just tested out. Now I heal 649 :bad: I swear I was healing 707 yesterday right after update... Wtffff
  3. It took me 60 sec to read and reply. Now it's 90 seconds.
  4. My necro has +4 arena staff. Before update I healed 750. Now it's 707. With same equipement. WTF?
  5. You wasted 1 min of my life
  6. Mosts of people here don't understand the problem
  7. All players' magic and physical def is the same... Difference is, casters do half the dmg melees do...
  8. Up Nadir was also always empty so many people were doing pvp there. Now it's impossible.
  9. That's the reson why players "founded" PvP cave... For fair 1 vs 1 fights... Go gank somewhere else
  10. Well we had a Party for bg... But there's no elves there so..
  11. So as you all know, up Nadir is now the preferable PvP zone... At least it used to be... Cause everytime I go there there's like 2-3 elves who gank. Let me tell you this: why are you complaining, about MC's ganking PvP cave, if you can't control your side's noobs? I mean, Pro MCs send gankers to hell and help reducing ganking in PvP cave, but noob elves are just standing and are like "meh, noobs ganking noobs, probably the best is to do nothing... WTF, why isn't here no MC's? Are noobs afraid to PvP or what?". Hey, so called pro Gay-Gangbangers. Stop ganking with the overamped equipment your parents bought you.
  12. Ha, stupid elves. Done my CL in one night with 2-man-party 8) . Meh, you come with a lock and all your problems about blocks are solved
  13. That's rather good, because now you will have a PvCaster and a DD set in one.
  14. My apologies, I had yesterday's relic :blush:
  15. There's one still going on currently, Best Guide.
  16. Add is the monster that attacks you when you are killing the boss. For Instance, Gridaur has 2 ads (guardings) but if you stand in a corner, only 1 add will attack you, which you have to kill.
  17. Get the highest astral power + high physical defence Skills dont really matter, heal 5 and shield 5and then pretty much go wild.
  18. Buying Runes/Crystals 50% discount on MC shop :diablo:
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