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  1. I could spend my whole evening trying to explain how it would affect Warspear, Aigrind and the whole amp system, I just don't feel like wasting my time here when I can waste it in other places. Stupid idea, Devs won't even consider it.
  2. No. No. God. NO. GOD PLEASE NO.
  3. You can only have 2 accounts. Create a third one and Aigrind has the right to ban you.
  4. So most of you don't reccomend 5drain. I'm asking what's good beside it. I already have a Necro for 20 lvl PvP , I'd like my priest to be different in PvP.
  5. For MC it could be noses and for elfs it could be ears. For the rewards, it could be easily exploited. I wish just for a database where you can see your statistics on enemy faction killing etc.
  6. For me, It's not an issue because I play only on EU mc side, but I can see how it is a problem for players who play on many fronts.
  7. Can anyone tell me Pros and Cons about 5lvl Word Power ? Also, how much % does it drain? In addition, which skills would you suggest me to level besides 5lvl Word Power? Hapilly will give +1 for useful advice.
  8. 02 17: Gamriz, Nadir 02 18: Gordir, Silty Footplain
  9. I can kill him faster with my lock or make him die a slow, agonizing death with my necro.
  10. Has anyone actually sold sth in here?
  11. Sell +7 Heroic Endurance helm with miracle enchants on accuracy and defence.
  12. He's saying : "Yo, buy those costumes now while they're cheap."
  13. In EU stairs are very often deserted. The only annoying thing is Elfs camping 24/7 at boss.
  14. it's not your map. You covered 1 quest in this guide. Not much editing.
  15. I'm talking about devs. No dev will say "hey, players buy enough coins to keep our company alive and having a good profit, lets make it a little better for the players by reducing our income a little bit"
  16. You can't have too much money.
  17. Good suggestion, but it won't change, because devs made it so they could make the most profit.
  18. So +10 casters are noob? If I were a +10 druid, I wouldn't complain, because very few can achieve that 6k magic def you know... Every average player has 1-2k magic def and you have 400 damage and ~300 heal. That's pretty op to me.
  19. Gm dealt 50k damage for my Lock, because I had to replace my cape and amulet to Necro/Priest items...
  20. Wow really? No way! ;0 Jk, I know that.
  21. I'm talking about up-Nadir place. If you can't keep ganking out of there, than don't blame us for PvP cave gankers.
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