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    Nerf pala stun.

    It's range is too big. 5 or 6 fields. Needs to be nerfed. :diablo:
  2. Preech it brother! I leveled a dk to 20lvl imagined that i'd be a boss in hunting. But nope, tanks are for arena and small bosses now. Makes me sad. Come on devs, tank the tank's tanker ^ 8)
  3. Axsiv, nice job, keep going :clapping:
  4. Tsja, what armor are you using on astral set? And this would be a question for all of you. [/size] So best necro set is full GT right? But the armor is very expensive, so I was wandering maybe there is an alternative for the armor? Cause you know, I'm not a rich and old player, and I don't shit money, so maybe you can suggest me an other option? NOTE: if all the armors are junk I probably should start saving now, shouldn't I? :mega_shok:
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I was planning to go Gt+Bg light, but now I'll probably go Gt + arena. :spiteful: Instructions are clear for this one: No hp enchants, Hp regen wherever possible, keep good mana regen. Ty guys :clapping:
  6. Now on all characters having a lot of max hp is good. But what about necro? I mean, I know pvp/arena necros need HP for obvious reasons, but what about a supportive necro? :spiteful: Heal and shield takes away 4% of your max HP ( if you use bone shield or Ancient Seal 25 times you'll be dead), so isn't it better if you have less HP? It would be quicker to heal yourself either with pots or with Ancient seal, wouldn't it? For example, you have 3100 Hp. You use either of those skills 20 times. You have lost 2480 Hp, and you have to heal back 2.48 k Hp now. But if you have 2300 Hp and you use either of those skills 20 times, you would have had lost 1840 Hp, and you have to heal back 1.84 Hp now. So by my logic, many Hp is bad on supportive necro. :wacko: But I am not a pro and I don't have a necro yet, plus I may not understand something correctly :crazy: , so I'm asking you, more experienced players, to verify or deny my theory - "Lot of max Hp is bad on supportive necro". NOTE: I'm not telling this from my experience, I'm just seeking advice for my future necro. :drinks:
  7. Thanks :good: There's still one more question though. Which more is more supportive: Nightmares 5, Poison 5 or Poison 3 and Nightmares 3, along side the maxed shield and heal? :bomb:
  8. But it's primary effect (without poison spittle) is to take away a percentage of max hp. I tested it on forest pipistreles :dirol: and it seems to take away ~10% of HP. So if you hunt, example, Sam hain, wont you take away 140 000 of his HP? :blush: Or is it temporary? If not, then it's a hell of a skill for bosses. Can somebody explain this to me? So if Deathly eye is shit on bosses, these seem like reasonable pieces of advice, and now I have 3 options:11555 31355 51155 I'm feeling I won't need poison spittle too much if I wont hunt alone, but leveling necro from 14-20 should be pretty hard without poison, right? But maybe it isn't so hard when you have nightmares?
  9. Soooo do Jesters still drop Joker's garbs? Because my friend got one from Jester today. :unknw:
  10. I tried looking for advice in other posts, but there are just too many confusing builds. I want a full boss-support necro. My idea of skill distribution was 11555, but people say that nightmares is a skill for pvp, so now i'm thinking about other skills. Currently my idea for my build is 33155. Anciet seal and bone shield are necessary for boss hunt. What about the rest of skill points? Also: which skills to progress first? NOTE: im planning on astral set
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