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    Secret link

    So the point is that druids now can heal 1000+ Hp instantly + they have the slow heal. I call that unfair and far too much superior to other classes. Requesring a nerf, ASAP. Seriously though, why add skills like these?
  2. Lol now i feel so dumb for saying that also mcs 119
  3. mc 117 edit: dont troll please, or better yet, troll harder xD -Jswaaz
  4. Ehh just found out why I didn't see them
  5. I've noticed that you can't see new replies to your posts or see recent unread topics? Why has it been taken away?
  6. Smilga

    Pics of new sets

    Fixed 8) I believe that is 16 lvl set from CC store in Nadir + a hell of an old cape (Drangon hunter's mantle maybe?). Hot damn that looks sweet.
  7. Smilga

    Pics of new sets

    This is a thread where people can post the appearance of the new sets - 19 lvl arena, CC sets from guild Merchant, craft sets - all welcome ;) Also, here you can post how you look without costume. Meet the ugliest character in EU - my rog. (That's Brigandine of Berengar's revenge + KW boots and gloves.)
  8. 07/25 MC SIDE: INGLOV @ LEEWARD ISLAND After update
  9. 07/25 MC SIDE: GAMRIZ @ NADIR-SARD TAVERN Before update
  10. 07/24 : MC SIDE GORDIR @ SILTY FOOTPLAIN I'm back ;)
  11. This may have been suggested before, but it hasn't been added so I'm suggesting it once again ( or for the first time idk) When you are in dungeon and your party runs out of time, a table pops up saying you have to pay 1 more stamina to extend time. But if you press cancel you instantly leave dungeon. My suggestion is : add another pop up that asks "Are you sure you want to leave dungeon?" Reason for suggestion: I often see players accidentaly press "Cancel" when they're mashing the skills and don't pay attention to the time. It always is frustrating when the party falls apart just because someone wasn't paying attention. Also, I accidentally left Heroic with 130k Hp left for boss and I was a little upset so I made this suggestion. Thanks for reading.
  12. Yes, it does go to a random party member
  13. Well I know only The Rogue God can help us... We need you, Shitley!
  14. I literally did Dinalt solo recently with a goddamn DEATHKNIGHT. Also, I did all CL with my lock with only 1 friend's help. Later, I did the same with my necro. All you have to do is go at night-morning. CL IS EASY. Also, this
  15. 05 / 11 MC side : Tractate 05 / 12 MC side : Graybeard @ cave up Legion
  16. But we still have no confirmation from devs?
  17. I know it's obvious, was just joking ;D Born, are you sure? How could you explain the SS in which a 13 level guy got a drop from Kevin?
  18. How, uh... How did you know I was looking for the weapons drop ? :blush:
  19. PvP's don't interest me, I'm focused on PvM
  20. Devs said: "players will only get the equipment if their level is not higher than Boss level.". But how does this work? Can someone explain to me? If for example, the boss is 10 lvl and the whole party is level 9, but one person is level 11 no one gets drops? Or it is just the level 11 character who doesn't get drops? Also, can anybody say which bossses drop which 9 level equips? I would give ya lots of love and karma :blush:
  21. Aren't you talking about Exhalation of Darkness? The 2nd skill? I find it frustrating when most of the times this skill goes to waste because I pressed it too early or too late, because I'm using a spear...Threads always work for me and I find it very useful because it adds like +50 damage to every hit, so it really pays off when you are killing a boss with a party.
  22. I was waiting for this topic ever since I found the dissasemble feature ;D
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