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  1. hafiz

    missing staff

    I missing staff...i not remember to change used sign or mcoin before amp..many money i lots this game..if i cant get back my staff..i leave this game..how to report my problem if not one reply my massege?
  2. How many sign to +10?if 100set cant go +9?
  3. hafiz


    Help me gm..u say start from +0 used sign can get +10..now i used many sign all start from +0...i many wasted my mcoin today..only +5+6 i get...can some one help me?
  4. hafiz

    sign not working

    How i want amp my staff?if i used sign not working..i buy many mcoin..1set sign cant +1 from +5 staff?how many sign must be +10..help me..i like this game but i hate after amp not working..
  5. I used 10 sign +6 to +7...but not working..my chatter bd have.. two sword to amp...how many sign to +10 lol...swamp quest i not got any amor or weapon high damage...i very sad this game...used sign for what if not working
  6. Shadow of berengar..only player play at lv 15.i want leave this game.coz no player want finish quest shadow of berengar..give me potion 2000 healty per second..i maybe win
  7. How i can finish this quest.shadowd of berengar..no player want fight..all die..3 party lose..i hope your guys help me
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