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  1. U even use a pve test video to show us dmg ,plz learn how pvp build first
  2. I always loss in 1v1 with ranger ,but in arena ,ranger always been killed by rogue ,that means we need nerf rogue first? Another question is ,u dont use shield in pvp?
  3. first,in a p2w game, before complain everything show ur char to us. Some mc player up a video to complain my wd imba ,but why they can kill a 15book wd with war buff?they even dont have +10 full pvp set! Make ur char stronger better than complain this class,
  4. can add a way to use some new rare item update mm gear to new lv,that means we dont need waste old one, and keep player active in mm gvg
  5. the max resistence still 100%in game.so what u mean 50%?get from relic pots?include skill?
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