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  1. Please god let us unbind more things or atleast let us transfer personal stuff between characters so i can use my costumes on other characters.
  2. Itd be nice if we could craft minions instead of almost always having to buy them. I DO love the taming thing they added but you have to work veeeery hard to be able to do it it seems. Lots of grinding. Craftable minions, while still kind of being grinding, would be substantially less. Perhaps youd buy a cheap item like a blank scroll instead of a license, and collect materials from monsters to make a summon for them.
  3. I get the whole, a sword skin being for a melee weapon and such, but theres many weapon skins that would look good as any weapon. Example, the skins that are literally guitars, or curled up roots from the spring event. Something that could be done is just have it act the same regardless of if its got a non matching skin on it or not. Have a shield or melee skin on a staff? Have it play the animation from afar and still shoot the projectile. Bow skin on a dagger? Smack people with the bow. There may be some problems with the one-handed two-handed weapon stuff but it seems atleast possible people could hold a staff or bow with one hand if they tried really hard. Or you could, if putting a two handed skin on one handed weapons, hide one of the weapons and play the animation twice as fast to make up for it.
  4. What if we could use our stalls to, as well as offering things, put out money and request things? That way people wouldnt have to repeat the same message in trade chat until they are able to buy a specific item, and they wont need to stay on the game 24/7 ( again, to put out the message ). For example: I'm looking for a very specific pair of shoes. I COULD stay on the game all day and keep asking if anyone will sell me them, but what if i could just put some money in the market and wait for someone willing to give me the shoes for it, ready for me to collect when i return? And just incase this feature does get added; please put a search bar instead of making people scroll through tons of items.
  5. I see what you are all saying and there could be some changes made. Perhaps you cannot farm bosses in enemy territory unless you have a quest to kill it for example ( or unless of course you have pvp enabled )
  6. Yes, it would be quite impossible to play the game without being able to attack the monsters everywhere. Unless by monsters you mean peoples minions. No, you wouldnt be able to attack others minions and your minions would be safe from others.
  7. Perhaps add a passive mode to the game, where you cannot attack players of the other army, but they cannot attack you either, allowing players to quest freely. Often i hear my friends complaining of people not allowing them to simply exist in a town because people are hiding in houses waiting to kill them, this would solve it.
  8. I say the space limit should be increased to be able to fit atleast every collectible such as costumes and skins, as well as other items like materials and potions and minions. And as more things are added to the game, the cap should be further increased to allow room for people to have those things.
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